Friday, July 24, 2009

In The Beginning there was Blog

It had to happen one day; I would get my own blog. Yes, I’m still found at the sites you’re accustomed to reading me, but this is going to eventually evolve into my own writing site. I guess it just did.

Hickory Head is where I live. It’s a very small community in Deep South Georgia, where a man can live alone, and in peace, and be a Hermit. My neighbors, and here that is a relative term because I’m fairly isolated from everyone else, understand I value my privacy so they very rarely intrude except when they have spare produce to share. I lend my help to them as they need it, and graciously accept them onto my property whenever some event calls for such. I am accepted as that odd man who loves dogs.

Bert is part Husky, part Chow, part badger, part kangaroo, and part otter; he digs, he jumps, he swims, and he’s all heart. Bert is my favorite dog of all time, and that’s saying much. Bert went out a few years back and found a mostly dead, starved, and abused Greyhound/Lab mix. We named him Sam, and he’s the one who produces the most writing material.

As soon as I get my legs under me I’ll start tagging things and sorting things, and more or less moving in. But this is where you’ll find me.

Take Care,