Sunday, July 26, 2009

Old Friends and New Horses.

Going to visit Elbow at Sea Pond is always special whether it be just to hang out and have a few drinks or if she has something new written, or if it’s a HRI. If you’ve never been around horses then do not bother to go any further because this is all about a Horse Related Incident. Her horse vet called and told Elbow she knew someone who was going to euthanize a perfectly good horse for no good reason. So a few days ago someone pulled up in a truck, opened the door to the horse trailer, and out stepped a Tennessee Walker.
It would not have mattered, in the long run. Elbow would have taken the horse in if he had been implicated in a murder plot, or a bank robbery. No, I doubt she would have taken in a hostile horse or someone like that, but she does have a soft spot in her heart of all things equine, and truly, who can blame her?

I arrived and the four part harmony of a mutt greeting howled through the air. Theo, the big Black Lab, and Frank, the ramped up Border Collie with an espresso habit, led the song, with tiny Izzy, the mixed weasel mutt, and gentle giant Lucy, of the Pyrenees persuasion singing back-up. And such a song they sing! It’s been a while, maybe a couple of weeks or so since I dropped in, and they treat me as if I’ve been gone for years! Mutts love me. It’s a good feeling to have all four greet me like this, and it makes me feel alive and whole, as love will. The horses, meanwhile, head towards the other side of the world for all this. No worries, because I brought horse bribes; carrots and apples!
I pet the dogs, greet Elbow, and then go to meet the new horse, who she has named Rojo. Diamond is the lead mare, and her foal, Mena, is a two year old not terrible at all. I walk to the edge of the pecan orchard and called for them, “Here horse! Here Diamond! Here Mena! Here horse!” and like dogs, they come trotting over to where I stand with the treats. Mother and daughter push and head butt their way closer to me and I have to retreat, but Rojo isn’t quite certain about me yet. My, but he is a beautiful horse! Ah, but enough words, photos follow…

The above photo is Rojo! Below is Mena and Roho!

And finally Diamond below...


  1. I can't believe someone was going to put down that beautiful horse for no reason. What is wrong with people?

  2. They LOVE LOVE those peppermint candies that melt in the mouth. (For future reference.)

    1. They also loved the bed of my truck. They tried to eat it.