Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Hidden Room

If you’ve been keeping up with what I write for any length at all you already know I have reoccurring Dreamscapes. These are the movie sets the human mind creates so dreams have a place to happen. Yeah, I also have reoccurring dream people but this isn’t one of those cases. This is about a house and a room, and what is happening to them both.

To begin with there is a city. I haven’t named the city and I suppose I should because I’ve been there several times. It’s a very large city with sky scrapers and all the big city stuff, but there just aren’t very many people there. There’s a very tall and very large building made out of black glass which sits near the park, and it’s a very large park, too, but the building has never been used and there is nothing inside of it but rows and rows of empty offices. All the floor of this building look exactly the same, and all the door look exactly the same, so when I’m in there I have one hell of a hard time getting out again because I can never find the stairwell. Each floor has a stairway to the next floor but they’re staggered about so they are never in the same location on each floor. It’s kind of scary to be in that building and I do not like it one bit when I wind up there.

Look east from the empty building there’s the park with swing sets and slides and all sorts of stuff. It’s a wide open type park with a vast green lawn inside the park and trees surrounding it. Still heading east there is an old established neighborhood with rows of wood frame houses, almost all of them two story houses, and all of them very well kept up. East down this street is a turn to the South, where there is a tiny paved road that dead ends to where the city keep a lot of their maintenance stuff. There’s a red brick building with a loading dock and it’s always run down looking.

But none of this has anything to do with the house, and the room.

Okay, because it’s a dream this means things change. The last time I was in the house and in the room the house was downtown in one of the worst sections of town, the rotting away inner city where buildings have been left to die. This time the house was in a much better part of town, and the room, well the room is what this is all about to begin with, you know. The house is one of those two story houses, wood frame with a massive fireplace in the main room. There’s two bedrooms upstairs, but to one side of the fireplace the ceiling slopes downwards, and I’m just able to reach the wood paneling. When the right panel is pulled down there’s a lever, and when the lever is pulled three panels open up and there’s a ladder. Pull the ladder down and the ceiling opens up to a hidden room!

The hidden room in the attic is, of course, what this is all about. It is situation between the two bedrooms upstairs, and therefore it is a little cramped but it was built so whoever was in the room could see what was happening all over the house, and outside too. There are peepholes hidden in every room, and tiny portholes to view the outside world. The floor of the hidden room is covered with a very thick carpet so no one can hear anyone inside walking. There’s even a sky light, and a bathroom. To get into the room whoever comes in must pass through the rungs of the ladder, so it isn’t easy, and only one person at a time can get in. It’s a nice, cheery place that’s great for a writer. The first time I discovered how to get up into the hidden room I was perfectly delighted. I can’t remember what it was that made me look but I’ve been in the room two or three times since then and there is always some old book laying around I didn’t notice before, or something going on in the house I can watch without being noticed. Of all the Dreamscapes I’ve ever had this is one of the best.

Someone bought the house.

The doors were open when I got there, as usual, but this time someone had gone in and really cleaned the place up. There were drop clothes all around, and the place smelled of sawdust and paint. A young woman with pretty eyes greeted me at the door and gushed about everything they were doing to the house. I asked if she knew about the hidden room, and she said that is why they bought the place. She had some trouble navigating the ladder still, but they had totally redone the room, and I must say it looked great. The walls were a dark blue color and the trip was white. The floor had been redone with thick white carpet, and the skylight had been expanded. The woman’s husband came up and it was then they realized neither of them knew me, and there was this truly long awkward silence. I mean, wow, this guy comes home and his wife is alone with a stranger in a hidden room, and she’s telling him, “I thought he was your friend from work, isn’t he supposed to be here?’ and the man was saying, “Who the hell are you and what in the hell are you doing in my house?” I tried to explain that I just like the house a lot and the room a lot more, and the wife told him she did invite me into the house, and did offer to show me the room, and I told them the last time I had been here what it looked like, and they did settle down quite a bit.

The problem now is they told me not to come back, not even to visit the room, and I think I’ll be stressed out about this. Yeah, okay, I do realize this is a dream and my mind is controlling all of this, but what if this is my mind’s way of stopping the dream about the room? Damn, I am going to so miss that place.

Take Care,

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