Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Summer of 2009

There is no denying it’s late August. The corn has turned brown, the cotton is beginning to show, peanut trailers are being readied, and the sun seems to set just a little earlier in the day than it did, well, just last week. A week ago Summer was still here, but this has been a mild Summer for South Georgia. We had one week, (one week!) of triple digit heat and after that it was as if June never really left us. Now we’re heading down to the end of Summer, and there doesn’t seem to be much fight left.
The Summer of 2007 left us all panting like dogs and begging for relief. The first three weeks of August was a grueling twenty-one day and night head in the oven oh my god can you believe how hot it is and each and every day was over one hundred degrees. The night saw the mid-seventies, at best, and the sun rose to eighty on the bad days. The first part of the Summer of 2007 saw massive wildfires, and it wasn’t until a tropical storm pounded the fire into submission we drew a clean breath. The afternoon rains kept the fire down, but the heat never blinked.
But that was two years ago now. This Summer has been nice, almost, and right now, at this very moment, I have the doors open and a window, too. There is a very light gentle rain dripping out of the sky, and the trees, the crickets are buzzing, and there is a stray frog or two in the pond singing. September has brought us brutal Summer heat but even then you know there is an end in sight. We could be out of it early this year. Dare we hope the heat is already gone? The air seems almost not warm. I would not call it a chill in the air, but gone is the oppressive humidity and ever present warmness. It feels good out.
It was a good time of the year to rescue a puppy, and even now the little beastie is napping at my feet. Napping or snapping Lucas knows no middle ground, and his older packmates like the cooler weather. Bert, who is part chow and more than just a little furry, likes cool weather. Sam, short haired and lean, likes it when he can play fetch for an hour without his tongue rolling out a foot long and dirty. My elderly mutts have survived another Summer. It’s a cool Thursday night, and it sounds great out.
The long range forecast doesn’t look that bad. The call is for the first of next week to see lows in the mid-sixties. That’s great sleeping weather, very good bed weather, if you have a willing partner, and it spells the end to the high utility bills. 2007 saw me shelling out a hundred bucks a month on electricity, and I’m not a big fan of the AC. I can cut it off right now and not turn the heat on until November.

This is over exuberant optimism on my part, of course, but I deserve a little of the stuff, I think. Late August, cool weather, nice forecast, and a light rain? That is heady stuff in South Georgia. We’ll drag out the winter coats if it gets near sixty. Sixty? Did I just write sixty in late August? Ah, I am drunk on the coolness of the night! This is a rare treat, to be looking forward into the year, and know there is cool weather this close, and the days of the triple digit heat have passed for one more season.
I’ll miss it, you know. I’ll miss the heavy heat. I’ll miss the extremeness of it, and danger of it, and the sheer challenge of staying alive when running in it. I’ll miss the humidity, no, wait, dammit, I won’t miss that one bit. But I already miss the Summer.

Take Care,


  1. Hey there. Wait one minute. I do not think we are out of the woods yet. Climate changes are abound. Yes we are getting a bit cooler, but I think we may have a rollover summer, Indian Summer times two. I may be wrong. I may be right. Mother nature will show her cards soon enough.

  2. Let me enjoy what I can get.

    It was 90 again today