Sunday, October 4, 2009

Conversations with Lucas

Lucas: Dad, my mouf hurts.
Me: Lucas, you cannot run through the gate at top speed with a limb in your mouth that’s longer than the opening is wide.
Lucas: But it fit into my mouf, Dad.
Me: Just because it fits into your mouth doesn’t mean you can run with it. Carry a shorter stick next time, Little Luke.
Luke: Dad, can I get up on the bed with you?
Me: Sure! Come on up!
Luke: Puppy kisses for Dad! Puppy Kisses for Dad!
Me: Pettings on a dog’s head!

Lucas: Dad, there’s something wrong with Sam, isn’t there?
Me: Yeah, yeah there is, it isn’t you.
Lucas (looking towards the door) I love my big brother, but he scares me sometimes.
Me: (petting Lucas on a dog’s head) It’s okay, Lucas. It’s going to be okay with Sam, I promise.
Lucas: He knows you don’t trust him anymore.
Lucas: Dad, is Sam going to hurt me?
Me: No. I won’t let Sam hurt you.
Lucas: Sam is sad now , Dad, but he’s always sad, isn’t he?
Me: Yeah, Sam has always been very happy, but at the same time he’s hurt.
Lucas: Why, Dad, who hurt Sam?
Me: People hurt Sam before Bert and I found him.
Lucas: Why Dad?
Me: I don’t know.
Lucas: Oh Dad, what did they do to Sam?
Me: They didn’t give him any food, and they left him on the road to die.
Lucas: That’s what they did to me, isn’t it?
Lucas: (quietly) Dad, am I going to be like Sam one day?
Me: No Lucas, no, you weren’t hurt as bad, or for as long, and I know more about how to fix the problems that come with this sort of thing.
Lucas: Dad, you have to learn to trust Sam again. It hurts him that you don’t.
Me: We’ll work it out, Luke, I love Sam.
Lucas: I have puppy eyes and ears of exceeding cuteness. Pet me on a dog’s head.
Me: Pettings for the Loki-mutt!

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