Monday, October 5, 2009

Death At Dawn

Today I took off for massive yard projects so the Gods of Yardwork degreed it would begin rain at dawn. They were merciful, and waited until both the mutts and myself had finished watering the tree before the heavens opened up. I thought about getting back into bed and sleeping some more, but Yoga begins at 8:20 and I feel slightly queasy if I don’t eat two hours before the class.
It’s a thirty minute drive in Valdosta, if you drive as slow as I do, but I leave fifty minutes before class. The rain started, stopped, and then just kinda sorta rained. This is the worse sort of weather to drive in because the roads are just wet enough for there to be a mix of rain water and whatever oily stuff that’s on the road to combine into an emulsion. The rain will wash it off, if it rains hard enough, or long enough, but it hasn’t this morning. When the cop car passes me on the way to Troupville Highway I figured it was a wreck, and I figured someone was going too fast. Troupville Highway is a cut over road between US333/GA 76 to GA133, and 133 will take me around most of the traffic into Valdosta.
What bothers me is the number of people who will not pull over for an ambulance. I pull into a driveway to get out of the way, but I watch as several cars simply ignore the lights and sirens. Another Sherriff’s car passes and I’m pretty sure it’s bad. It’s too late not to go down Troupville, but I hope the wreck is one a side road. It isn’t.

It looks a lot like the car went around a curve far too fast and couldn’t recover. They went off the opposite side of the road, tried to pull it back, overcorrected and began the rollovers. It was several hundred feet between the first skid marks and the car, so I’m guessing they were flying. Troupville is a back road, and designed for traffic at fifty-five. What causes the powers that be to designate a road’s speed limit has a lot to do with the degree of each curve, and this curve cannot be taken at high speeds. Now someone is dead, maybe more than one person, and all because they could not outrun the demon of hurry.

Back when US84 was flooded between Brooks and Lowndes County there was no way for people to get from the west to the east, and back, except via Troupville Highway. It was pure madness then, and it’s amazing we didn’t have more carnage like this. Yoga wasn’t the same this morning because if I had left just a few minutes earlier I might have been involved in the wreck, or seen it.

Gotta slow down people. It’s killin ya.

Take Care,

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