Saturday, October 10, 2009


I’ve become more and more certain with each passing day working in law enforcement or traffic will not only ruin your faith in human beings but strengthen any ideas you might have euthanasia is a viable option for the survival of the species. There should be some mechanism in place to punish people, and eventually add chlorine to out gene pool, so the morons do not breed, or kill any of the rest of us who are more genetically pure than poor drivers might be.

(1) Stopping at green traffic lights.
(2) Stopping or parking for green traffic light arrows
(3) Failure to comprehend a four way stop
(4) The use of a cell phone while driving
(5) Allowing children to run free in a moving vehicle.
(6) Changing lanes suddenly, without signal
(7) Changing lanes at traffic lights just to get one car length ahead
(8) Charging lane closures to get ahead of the people who are merging reasonably
(9) Backing up on the Interstate because of a missed exit
(10) Throwing trash out of a car. Yes, smokers, a cigarette butt is littering, you assholes.
(11) Stopping your car to gawk at a wreck while rescuers are still trying to help the survivors.
(12) Speeding
(13) Driving slow in the fast lane
(14) Reading and driving at the same time.
(15) Dancing in the car seat in traffic
(16) Stopping to ask directions in the middle of live traffic.
(17) Going past a “Road Closed “ sign to ask someone in the middle of the construction area if the road is closed.
(18) Asking if the sign “Bridge Out” means the road is closed.
(19) Making a right turn from the left lane, or making a left turn from the right lane.
(20) Pulling out in front of someone and then making a left turn a block away from the near collision.

Feel free to add to this list.

Take Care,

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