Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's In Your Wallet?

On August the 14th of this year, I turned my truck around to go get a stray I had seen on the road. This was not my first trip into Puppyhood, and I knew there were going to be losses. Shoes, there were going to be dead shoes, and I’ve lost two pairs of running shoes. I knew there would be damage to the house in some way and sure enough, there was some siding Luke decided to eat. I knew there would be some vet bills, and in the first two weeks I spent more than five hundred dollars on shots, getting him fixed, having a chip implanted in him, and various other aliments a puppy dumped out to die is going to have. I knew the bag a month dog food bill I was paying was going to increase as well as flea prevention, heartworm medication, and for that matter, just those day to day things that dogs have.
I thought my wallet was safe. Since the first pair of shoes were destroyed I started keeping everything I really wanted to keep, other than Bert and Sam, on bookshelves, on the top level of the bookshelves, and the Puppy Lucas has yet to learn how to use a ladder. Back when Bert was a demonic puppy, he ate my ATM card. He also ate a chair. Yes, a chair. Bert ate an entire overstuffed chair I had on the porch. It looked like it had been gang raped by zombies with chainsaws looking for stuffing. So, yes, I was more or less in the know when I stopped and picked up a puppy from the side of the road three months ago. I knew a day like this would come. I just didn’t think I would spend the better part of a day looking for my wallet.
Just a few days ago it was my cell phone. Well, it wasn’t my cell phone but I thought it was. Lucas has gotten into the grab-and-go habit. If I drop anything at all he grabs it and runs so if it’s edible he’ll not have to share it with the elderly mutts, and if it’s valuable I’ll have to chase him. I bent over to play with him, and he suddenly grabbed something and ran with it. I checked my shirt pocket and realized my cell was missing so I gave chase. Lucas is a lot faster than I am, but when I’m really trying to stop him Sam will usually intervene and roll Lucas so I can catch him. I think Lucas might be faster than Sam on a flat straight run but Sam computes attack angles like Einstein did third grade algebra. Whatever your plan is to get away from Sam in the backyard it better include powered flight. Lucas hasn’t developed that yet so Sam catches him, flips him over, and I am able to rescue…nothing. My cell was in my jeans pocket. Sorry, Lucas.
So yesterday was nice and warm, and we spent the day in the yard doing yardwork and it felt good, too. Sunshine and a nice warm breeze make for a very good day. I raked a bunch of leaves and added them to the mulch pile. I threw the ball for Sam and Lucas. Bert doesn’t play fetch anymore. It’s sad, but Bert has resigned from puppyhood altogether. He’ll romp with Lucas some, but all in all, Bert has more or less given up on play. I got all hot and sweaty so when I went inside, as the day cooled off, I threw my jeans in the laundry basket as so to wash the jeans later. When I got out of the shower my wallet and the Loki Mutt were gone.
I always put my wallet in my pocket, and I remember getting it off the top shelf before I went outside. I think I remember that. I’m not 100% sure. I think I would have missed it. I’m sure I would have missed it. Okay, I’m not sure. But I am fairly sure, you know? So I backtracked this morning, just to make sure, and the store hasn’t see it. My credit cards haven’t been used. There is an acre of woods to search, and he may have hidden it in the house. On the upside, I haven’t found any pieces or parts of it, so that’s a good sign. I just hope it didn’t fall out into the mulch pile.

Dammit, I hate this sort of thing.

Take Care,

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