Thursday, December 3, 2009

And The Storm Watch Brewed

This late in the year there usually aren’t a lot of serious storms. The heavy stuff, the heat induced paroxysm that violently whips the earth and sky with lightning and wind and rain, well, that’s for the Summer, and maybe late spring. Something forgot to tell the Gulf all this, so she sent us a late season storm, and she didn’t leave very much for the imagination. The radar showed a thick green glob of stuff with orange and red markings, as if there were some new species of monster about to give the denizens of The South a taxonomy lesson.
The forecast called for somewhere between three and six inches of rain, with some spots getting more than that even, and there was the forecast for forty mile an hour winds, with gusts topping out past that, so I decided to stay home with the mutts today. There isn’t anything worse than an office full of bored people. Bored people have a tendency to socialize with other bored people for no other reason than they are bored. This is boring. Okay, stay home and hope the power stays on, too.
The rain was falling, ever so lightly last night, when the dogs decided to go deer hunting. It never really quit, and never got much heavier either. At four it rained hard enough to wake me up, and I lay there and was lulled by the sound. At five twenty there was a break in the action so I got up and let the dogs out. I had the coffee set up so all I had to do was hit the switch, and that done, I pulled on my rubber boots to walk with the dogs. It’s raining, and because it’s raining, both Bert and Sam will not urinate. They’ll try to wait it out, but if that storm is heading this way, the longer they wait the wetter they’ll get when they go. If I walk out into the yard, they’ll follow, and nature will take Her course. The full moon is still casting enough light to keep it from being pitch black, but I can feel the storm.
I eat breakfast early because I might not get another chance to cook today. The radar shows the heavy stuff hours away, but I want to be fed when it hits. Coffee is good, the dishes get washed, the radar gets set, and we wait for the storm. The dogs get walked a couple of times each hour it is clear enough to walk them. Lucas needs to burn off some energy, and the Elder Mutts need to get out and pee. The light stuff is all we’re getting before noon, and it is beginning to look like west Georgia might be getting hammered. Each hour that passes shows the ugly yellow and red radar images passing just to the west and north of Hickory Head.
At noon I cook lunch and weird things begin to happen. It turns muggy outside. The temperature rises a few degrees, and the radar shows the most red and yellow band to date zeroing in on my house. This will be interesting. I walk the mutts one more time and we can hear the thunder moving in. I shut down the computer and everything else, and we all nap on the bed as the rain begins to hammer down.
For an hour, maybe longer, we get a hard steady wind driven rain, and some fireworks to go with it. Sam is terrified of the weather and it makes Lucas uneasy. Bert sleeps through it, and that clams Lucas, somewhat. I drift in and out of sleep, with Sam lying nearly on top of me, Bert at the foot of the bed for once, and Lucas unable to sit still in any place for long.
The rain pounds down, and Sam whines softly. There is thunder, but it’s a distant rumble. There are flashes of lightning, but nothing that would do more than keep me indoors, but there is rain, rain, rain. I doze, half awake, half asleep, and everything is a dream, and nothing is. The rain is pounding down hard, and suddenly it relents just a bit, and that pulls me awake. The storm, which had been forecast to be deadly and terrible, is slowing down. The wind drives the rain for a few moments then the static of slow falling rain begins as the cacophony of roof top rains diminishes. Sam snores, and that more than anything else tells me the danger, if there were ever any, is past. Lucas finally settles down and sleeps. Bert hasn’t budged. He assumes I’ll let him know if the weather is bad enough to be worried.
Six inches of rain fell, but it started late and ended late, too. There was two maybe three hours of the hard stuff, but no fireworks, and not much wind. I stayed home from work to make sure the dogs where okay, and they were, but you never know. The ground has been swept clean by the rain, the leaves in the trees are much fewer, and the whole of the earth seems a little less cluttered after the storm, at least here in the woods. My rook leaked some, and that sucks, but the overall picture is it wasn’t as bad as it was told, it wasn’t as bad as it might have been, and I took a nap with the mutts on the bed during the worst of it.

Take Care,

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