Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh Deer! Full Moon Doggie Drama!

Bad weather is moving in tonight, so the full moon will not be on display as I had promised the mutts it would be. No worries on that account, they know, even if they cannot see it. The moon will be full again, on the last day of the month, which should prove to be very interesting.
I’m seeing that the full moon is both a natural reaction and to social conditioning. Lucas isn’t nearly as weird as the other two dogs but because they’re acting weird he’s picking up on it. Usually they want out two or three times between when I get in and when we go to bed, but tonight it’s be like a revolving door. Bert, of all people, is having some sort of odd fit to be let out, and because he isn’t normally that much trouble I let him out. Sam and Lucas follow, of course, and then we have doggie drama going down the steps, out into the yard, and holy hell what on earth is that?
Some critter hears the dogs being let out and runs through the woods. Sam is off as if he’s fired out of a cannon, Bert is a step behind him, and Lucas freezes, ears up, tail up, but left behind. Suddenly, as Sam closes in, and Bert begins to snarl, Lucas realizes he’s not in the middle of the action. He runs toward the woods, barking like god is on fire, and it dawns on me he’s telling the other two to wait up. It’s a deer. For reasons that escape me, a deer has gotten into the back yard, and this will end poorly. Deer usually do not move around when the wind is blowing, and this one might have been spooked by a falling limb, or maybe a coyote caught his scent. I know it’s a deer because Sam hasn’t caught it, whatever it is moves damn quickly, and I can hear it so it has some mass. Lucas accidently cuts off one line of retreat, but that was where Sam was herding it. Now the deer panic, hits the fence, almost gets caught by Sam, but finally manages to get over the fence where the dogs won’t follow. The come back to tell me about it and my heart stops. Bert has blood on his head. Oh holy mother off… I wipe the blood off and see Bert has a small cut over his right eye where he got hoofed.
Sam and Bert are not speaking to Lucas, and they are not speaking to me. Lucas is freaked. He’s bouncing off the walls trying to find the deer and I cannot keep him in the house. Bert isn’t bleeding bad, but he’s like a teenage boy who just got into fight. Did you see that? Did you see how scared he was of me? I scared him good, didn’t I?

Damn full moon.

In the middle of all this the rain is beginning to fall, but not really that hard. It’s a light rain, perfect for getting dogs and clothes wet and perfect for making me cold. I peel off the clothes, but them in the washer, and take a hot shower. The dogs mill around in the house, pawing at the bathroom door, and being pests. Lucas is convinced he was a hair away from getting the deer, and deer being abysmally stupid, it will return to the scene of the crime, so all he has to do is go back and find the deer in the same fenced in area the deer just barely escaped from. I explain to him deer is not so stupid, but it’s like talking to a teen age boy who just saw a naked woman in the woods. I mean, she was there before, right?
I realize all this happens before nine, and I realize I ought to be grateful it didn’t happen at midnight. Deer are dangerous, and Bert is lucky all he got was nicked. This isn’t to say the deer might have survived the attack, because it’s very likely between the two older dogs they’ve still got what it takes to take what a deer has. Still, a good sized deer is going to demand payment for his life, and someone will pony up some blood. My worst fear is the dogs will tear the deer up, but it will survive, and the deer will injure one or both of the older dogs, and they won’t. I’d hate like hell to kill a deer under those conditions, and it would be worse to put down a dog. Both parties, could we not do this, okay?

Lucas is discovering it’s for real here. Sam isn’t idly chasing because it was running, it’s running because a dog that is part Greyhound is coming through the woods at a speed which highly suggests there isn’t really any parlay to be had. Lucas also found out Sam left the back door open so the deer would cut back that way, and back into the open part of the woods. Oh please, get into the open with me knowing this place better than you. I’m not real sure if Bert got hit before or after Lucas got involved. I’m not 100% sure it was the deer, the fence could have got him, but it looks like a razor cut so I’m guessing deer.
All three want back out but I’m letting the adrenaline slow down a bit. Sam and Bert are panting like it’s a million degrees outside. It’s quite cool, actually, and that will help. Lucas is bouncing off the walls and the older dogs are snapping at him every other second. He ruined the hunt. I ought to slip him a treat when the other two aren’t looking. This could have gotten as nasty as it can get, and Lucas might have just saved me one hell of a vet bill.
If you don’t have a full moon tonight, feel free to borrow as much of mine as you need.

Take Care,

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