Monday, December 28, 2009

When Monday Happens on A Sunday

It’s been one of those days. I was going to get up early today, get some things done, go work out at the Y, and generally, make use of my last day off before I have to go to work. Now, the way life works is that I sleep on the South side of the bed, and the canines have the north side. Last night, Sam looked so comfortable lying there right where I usually sleep I just went over to his side of the bed and slept. This worked out well for everyone, but because the sun went into hiding after August of this year, I assumed because it was dark outside it was still night. Because I have to sit up to see the clock from the north side of the bed I didn’t bother. I would up getting up around seven, which means I started out losing a good hour and a half.
The Loki Mutt has discovered barking as a means of attention getting. If he wants everyone to stop what they’re doing and pay full attention to the puppy he knows to bark. He started barking his fool head off in the woods after I let them out so I went out to see what was wrong. Nothing! Lucas was pushing buttons. Last night I took the coffee carafe outside to dump it out, and got distract by the deer, so I left it on the porch rail. I spent the better part of half an hour trying to find it in the kitchen before I remembered where I had last seen it. But come on now! How many times does something instrumental in coffee making wind up outside? I put the water on to boil and forgot to turn the stove on.
The chimney has been leaking now for about nine years, and all my efforts to seal it have eventually failed at one point or another. I got new stuff, black, gooey, and sticky as hell, and was going to try to seal the leak. Well, as you can imagine, I got black, gooey and sticky stuff all over me, the ladder, and hopefully, in the right place. Right in the middle of everything the ten percent chance of rain descended upon me. I got cleaned up, got everything put away, and realized the wire brush was still on the roof. I got the ladder out, got on the roof to get the brush, got black, sticky and gooey stuff on me again, and the rain stopped.

Then I lost the cell phone. I looked for it for about a half hour, called it from the landline, and suddenly it goes off two inches from my ear making me flinch like I’d been shot. I forgot I had it in my hand band.
I did get the oven cleaned, but it’s a self cleaning oven, so how hard can it be? I forgot to take the pan out of the over, and it had some leftovers on it so they smoked up pretty good before I realized what I had done.

A new computer is in the future so I’ve been cleaning up a lot of computer stuff, and while I was at it I decided to clean the chip in my camera. I accidently deleted two hundred and fifty photographs, but they were mostly work photos so I do have back-ups. I think.
The Loki Mutt has discovered barking, as I have mentioned, and one of the reoccurring events is for him to get a toy, and walk around with it in his mouth. He’ll use the toy as a battering ram, jamming the older dogs in the head with it, in an effort to get them to pay with him. Bert invariably takes the toy away from him, won’t give it back, so Luke stands over him barking his fool head off until I go in and make him stop. For .00001 seconds before repeat as unnecessary. So far we’ve had this particular species of Doggie Drama three times today.

Anyway, this is how today has gone. I hope you day went better.

Take Care,

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