Friday, December 18, 2009

Young Maurice Young: Dumb Crook News

Very rarely do I mention any real people by their real names, but let’s face it; Maurice Young isn’t that particular as to who knows his name. Let’s do a little background on Maurice, shall we? At thirty-one years of age, young Maurice Young has spent fully one third of that time, ten years, in one correctional facility after another. His last stay was a rather long one, even for Maurice, and after he was released from prison where he had done time for drug charges, stemming from him getting caught stealing to support his habit, young Maurice Young decided to return to the area in which life had treated him so well to date, and reunite with his sister, Tetrina Lee. Together, they are quite the shining example of family run enterprises.

Last week, in what would become known as their “MO” Tetrina parked her car and waited as Maurice and a friend kicked in the door to a house, and stole jewelry, pistols, and a lot of Christmas presents. I could give you a pretty good list of what was taken, because the house belongs to a friend of mine. The sense of violation that goes with someone like the Young siblings even so much as being in your house, much less kicking in the door and robbing you, is likely the worst part about all this when it gets down to it. My friend was at work, her husband was at work, her son was at school, and when she got home, there’s a kicked in door.
As she went through the house and tried to figure out what was gone and what was not, one of the items missing was a cell phone. It’s one of those pay as you go cell phones, for her son, and on a whim, she called the cell phone’s number, just to see if someone would answer. Maurice did, but he quickly hung up. Now, at this point, because it’s a pay as you go phone, it would be pretty hard to track the device, right?

My friend calls the phone the next day and hears this, “Yo! This is Maurice Young, leave a message and I’ll get back to you.”

Seriously. I’m not kidding. This led to a DOC search on the internet and to our great surprise, young Maurice Young has been a resident in your justice system before. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the young Young siblings and their business partner, are out robbing houses. They go to a house and as they are about to kick in the door, it opens, and someone is not happy to see them. Tetrina, ever loyal to her brother, leaves him there and tries to flee in the car. As all good criminal masterminds do they scoped out their targets well, and oh by the way, speaking of targets, the Sheriff’s firing range was just a mile away, so almost every cop in the county was on the scene in a matter of seconds. When they finally was able to pull Tetrina over, they asked her just how far she had planned to go that day; she was almost out of gas anyway. The outstanding warrants for her arrest on bad check charges came up in the conversation, as well as the whereabouts of her brother.

So now the young Youngs, and their fellow would be career criminal friend are tucked safely away for Christmas, and there is some hope of getting some of the loot back. I have this odd feeling Maurice is not quite done yet entertaining us with his antics, but after this stint, he very likely will not be young Maurice Young anymore.

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