Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Abortion and The Tebow Commercial

Most pressing human issues today are caused by simple math; we human are far too good at multiplying, but we’re a divided race, and we subtract too much from the earth without adding anything back. There are far too many human beings on the earth and when things go to hell, they are going to hell in a hurry and we’re going to deeply regret we didn’t have some sort of plan as to what to do about all the people.
Right now, at this point in history, in this country, it is impossible to do so much as discuss population control without Hitler’s name being brought into it. Maybe by the next generation we will notice that it is impossible to legally drive a car, buy a handgun, cut someone’s hair, or tattoo someone without a license. Yet any moron with an erection can father a child, and any idiot ready and willing to open her legs can get pregnant, and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can say or do about it without being labeled a Nazi.
By the way, in case you’re interested in more math, Hitler’s wars caused more deaths of innocent civilians than any of his evil science experiments, his pogrom against the Jews, or anything else he did to anyone else, yet you never hear about a group of crazy religious people screaming about the military being Nazis, do you?
Abortion is a legal way to terminate a pregnancy. It is not murder. Murder by its very definition is an illegal act and as long as it is legal then the crazies are going to just have to live with it, or kill because of it, whatever their particular god is up to these days. I personally think it ought to be subsidized by the government and there ought to be abortions clinics right next door to every church, just to keep the nutcases close to home. Moreover, they ought to have to take in every child that is produced by their protests. If they stop ten women a day from having an abortion then in nine months that church inherits those ten babies. Get your stopwatches out to time how long the protests would be going on if these people have to live with the results of their actions. I don’t like religious people. More succinctly worded, I do not like people who think their views on religion ought to be made into law, and if those views aren’t, they have the right to kill someone over it.

Oddly enough, I find myself siding with the nutcases in a recent debate.

Tim Tebow is a college football player of great renown. He’s also very up front when it comes to his beliefs. That didn’t keep Alabama from beating the Hell out of him, and set Tim Tebow to crying like a spanked child on national television, but hey, that’s football.
Tebow’s mother, when she was pregnant with him, was told by a doctor or two to terminate her pregnancy, or so the story goes, and she refused to do it, and as a result, Tim Tebow is now been hired by Focus on the Family to air that story during a commercial during the Superbowl. As far as I know, the story is a true story. FOTF paid 2.4 million dollars to air the ad…once.

Let me make a distinction here; I am pro abortion. I think there ought to be more of them. I think they ought to be free. I also think if a woman has an abortion she, and the man who fathered the child, ought to be sterilized, but you know there’s going hell raised when that’s brought up. Anyway, some people are purely prochoice. They do not care if a woman has, or doesn’t have, an abortion, they just think the woman ought to have the right to choose.

These people, the Pro Choice people, are having fits over the Tebow commercial.

I have heard some say it’s inappropriate to show the commercial during a football game. Uh, yeah, I get that, but if that’s true why protest it? Let them show a very serious and hotly debated topic watched by millions, but it will likely be sandwiched in between commercials involving talking cats and another one involving a nearly naked woman selling a sexual lubricant. The overwhelming majority of the people watching this commercial will be men, who have been drinking, and who are likely to remember the nearly naked woman more intensely than Tebow, unless that blonde he’s banging is sitting in his lap, topless.

Here’s my view on this: If it is a true story, if FOTF has the bucks to pull it off, and no dogs are injured as a results, more power to them. They have a right to present their point of view, even though I think they’re morons. They bought the time so let them use it as they see fit, and if that causes some sort of social change then it’s because people like me weren’t smart enough to figure out how to counter them.
Moreover, why the hell would you put a guy in a white lab coat in charge of your life? Sure, if you had cancer you might want to listen to what the man, or woman, has to say, but if they told you they were going to take out a lung, wouldn’t you go get a second opinion? My doctor hates my guys because I won’t take the drugs he wants me to but I say it’s my choice. Choice? Isn’t that’s it all suppose to be about, choice? What? You’re pro choice as long as the woman chooses abortion?

You people screwed this one up, and you’ve got people like me being all snarky at you because of it.

Whether I like it or not, whether the pro choice people like it or not, commercialism is legal, just like abortion. Whether I like to it or not, or whether the pro choice people like it or not, some women are going to choose to have babies. Some of them are morons. Some of them are not going to be very good moms. Some of them simply have no idea what they are getting into. But having a baby is easy, raising that child is not. Raising a baby and being a parent is an act of will and courage, and it is quite simply the hardest job any human can undertake. And, not to put too fine a point on it, it is a choice. Tim Tebow’s mom made that choice, and she seems to have done pretty well with it.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, you’ve got to respect the mom here.

Take Care,

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