Sunday, January 24, 2010

Doggie Drama: Who's On First?

Sam, Sam, The Happy Hound, will be nine this July, and Bert is already past a decade old. They’ve lived in harmony for the most part, since Sam arrived almost nine years ago, with just a few clashes and pseudo dog fights. There’s never been much blood spilled between Bert and Sam, which is not to say none, but Bert was born the Alpha Mutt, and Sam came along as second, and that was just the way it has always been. Sam hasn’t let Bert have first place without something to say about it, but Bert’s place in the pack has never seriously been threatened.

It’s been brewing for a while now. Lucas seems to think he was a born leader, and other than the normal puppy stuff, he’s also been giving Sam a fit over food, and placement near me, and all sorts of things like that. Lucas hasn’t openly challenged Bert yet, but he’s come close a few times. He will eat out of Bert’s bowl when Bert isn’t looking, and he’ll steal Bert’s chew toys, but as far as facing Bert down, Lucas isn’t insane. He’s clashed with Sam openly more than once, and he’s beginning to stand Sam down, just a little, but so far, he seemed to understand Bert is not Sam. Until yesterday that is.

Yesterday as Peg and I were shedding, we heard the unmistakable sound of a dog fight, and looked over to see Bert and Lucas tying up. Lucas was trying to stand his ground against Bert, who is still a little heavier, still more experience, a lot more furry, and truly pissed.
“Let them go.” I said to Peg, because she had already begun moving in that direction.
It was odd, but Lucas wasn’t giving ground on a run but rather a steady retreat, not allowing Bert to use the weight advantage against him. Sam slammed into him from the side, and right before I was about to say something, Lucas folded. He rolled over and Sam stood over him, as if this was his fight, and Bert came over and snuffled Lucas, but the point was made. It truly is going to take both of the older dogs, acting in union, to keep this puppy in his place. If this single act of battle doesn’t prove anything it does prove the older dogs realize they aren’t going to be able to go one on one with Lucas anymore and hope to keep winning. Lucas as the will to do it. All he needs now is a few more pound and there is going to be serious trouble for top dog.

The Puppy Lucas is sporting a mean looking gash on his left shoulder right now, but the muscle isn’t damaged. All three are sleeping on the bed together, and peace has broken out again. Lucas isn’t a mean dog, nor is he particularly aggressive. But this isn’t a passive individual content with his place in the world, and he is fucking fearless. He stood nose to nose with Bert, something Sam doesn’t do anymore, and he took both older dogs on for a very short period of time.

I like this Luke.

Take Care,

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