Sunday, January 24, 2010


When Tropical Storm Fay dropped an Oak tree on my shed a couple of years ago I was still able to use it, kinda, because part of it was still standing. It was more or less a sheet metal tent at that time, with two very large openings, front and back, but still some shelter in the middle so things would stay dry. When someone gave me a riding lawn mower I just wrapped it up in a tarp when I wasn’t using it, and life went on. I kept meaning to put up a new shed but kept not doing it because there wasn’t anything propelling me into action.
Enter The Loki Mutt!

Neither Bert nor Sam has any interest in chewing things, or playing with things, or being destructive but Lucas thrives on it. I sometimes wonder if plastic isn’t the natural prey animal of the Canids because Luke seeks out plastic containers. Motor oil, tennis balls, herbicide, lighter fluid, all of these things were inside the wrecked shed, and living in peace and harmony with the world until The Puppy Lucas appeared, and suddenly, like a chemical Johnny Appleseed, Luke began destroying and scattering out anything and everything plastic. It was time to get a new shed, before he discovered the tarp that covered the riding lawn mower.
My friend Peg, who gave me the riding lawn mower, and who is basically my go to gal for all projects that involve the house, offered to help build the shed. She and I painted her house a few years ago, and between the two of us we’ve put many hours in helping each other. This is a tedious and aggravating task, this shed building. We started last year, got delayed, and just got back to it again. One of the beams was installed wrong and we had to reset it. This is only an eight by eight shed, mind you, not a real one but it’s all I can do right now. The half day schedule turned into a three quarters day job, but by three the shed was complete.
Of course, I had to jump the rider off to get it cranked, and of course to do that I had to unplug the electric fence, open the gate, go through the gate, close the gate, jump the mower off, get it into the shed, go back to the truck, unhook the jumper cables, open the gate, go through the gate, close the gate, plug the fence back in, and then start getting stuff into the shed. That’s the kind of week it’s been, that kind of month really, and hell, that kind of year so far. I started working on the tree last Friday, it’s Sunday now, and I haven’t had a day off yet.
There were some interesting discoveries while reloading the shed. I had forgotten about some of the things I had owned, and had stashed back; the old iron bird cage, some of the hand tools in a tool box, various odds and ends I’ve collected through the years. Some of it had gotten wet and was ruined, but by and large it was all okay. I found the bicycle lock I had lost for five years, and ha! I still have the key, yes. I got the shelving in, got all the plastic bottles up and out of the Loki Mutt’s reach, got the push mower in, and finally threw away a lot of stuff that desperately needed it.
I’m doing laundry today, I’m going to write, and I’m going to watch a football game on the television. I’m not going out into the yard for a damn thing, and I’m not doing any more of anything else. I’m tired. My arms hurt. My hands are cramping up from turning a screw driver for six hours yesterday. I’m going to soak in the hot tub for an hour or so and not answer the phone, the door, email, or anything else until I get good and damn ready, unless it’s someone I really care about, or she’s hot, or both.

It has been a really long year so far, and I am really tired.

Take Care,

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