Monday, January 18, 2010

The Fallen Tree Chronicles

This is day four of The Fallen Tree Chronicles, and I am as tired right now as I have ever been. Yesterday I got most of the rotted stuff cleaned up, cleared most of the debris field, and began splitting the pieces of the tree, starting with the bottom and working my way up. I managed to get two pieces done yesterday before finally subsuming to exhaustion, and this morning I’ve knocked out three more, including the piece that was the largest and the most intimidating. It looked a lot harder than it was because it was so large, but I managed to split it into about a dozen or so manageable pieces. The next section was large, but it was also fairly clean with only one big knot in it. The pile of wood you see below is the product of yesterday afternoon and this morning’s work.

Below is a photo of what I have left.

This is the stump

This is the piece that was cut from the stump. It’s not nearly as hard to split as it looks.
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