Sunday, January 17, 2010

If you only knew how any limbs had already fallen, and if you only knew how many times I warned someone not to park under the tree, and if you only knew how many time I cut the grass with my neck craned up, wondering if this would be the day it fell. Slowly, all the green leaves died, and slowly the tree shed limbs and branches, but all the while, way up top, hanging over my head like a perpetual invitation to make out, was a sprig of mistletoe. Below is the mistletoe outlined in red.


While cleaning up the debris today, and there is still a lot left if you want to come help, I found the mistletoe. It’s really odd holding it in my hand when for so very long, it hung over my head.



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    1. I know. I wanted to comment about the tiny leaves growing on the stump, but that made me sad and I thought it would you, too. We have to plant our trees here. New is never the same.