Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Godzilla Loop Dream in San Francisco

In dreams you know where you are even if you have never been there before. I knew I was in San Francisco and I knew I was going to die. It was okay, the dying thing, because Godzilla was killing me. Yes, this sounds insane but dreams are like that. I would leave the nice house where I was staying and Godzilla would kill me. The house was nice. It was a tall and thin two story house but it wasn’t heated because I didn’t really live there. I was just trying to figure out what to do next when suddenly he just bit right through the wall and killed me.
I sort of knew it was going to happen so it wasn’t a surprise. It was a lot less of a surprise to figure out my ex had cheated on me, but anytime a giant lizard kills you there is this weird feeling of excitement. The teeth were a lot larger than I expected they would be, you know. There was a feeling of compression then I was back in the house and it was back in one piece.
The old brown Ford LTD was a good choice for a getaway car but he caught me before I got three blocks away. I rounded the corner of a narrow street and there he was. I gunned it and tried to out think him by heading towards him but he very deftly caught the car in his teeth and tossed it into the air. It spun as it rose and that was really disconcerting, but at the top of the arc the car seemed to hang in midair, and I could see the Golden Gate Bridge. I wrote a short story about people who kill themselves by jumping off the bridge and the fictional life of a bureaucrat whose job it was to help jumpers jump, and in the Godzilla dream I thought I was really seeing the bridge for the first time and thought I could rewrite the story now, better, for having seen it. Godzilla, who has had years of practice eating cars, caught the LTD and crunched it.
I ran from the house the second I realized I was back, hoping that might be some advantage. Do not misunderstand me; none of this, except the spinning in the air, was scary. The dogs were there, but I realized they were in no danger either, so I kept running. There was a man, a friend of a friend, and I tried not to make eye contact because he was dirty and poor. He was standing and talking to a woman who was trying to break away from him, then he saw me and I hoped a giant lizard would kill me again. Suddenly he was legless and he was telling me I had enough money to help him but I really didn’t want to so much as speak to him. The sound of footsteps were reverberating through the plaza and the wind was picking up but I felt like I had to stay. There was a keening noise, some odd sound, and then I woke up, and realized it was the Coyotes.

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