Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Loki Mutt Turns A Year Old This Month!

Lucas is showing signs of being part Pit Bulldog, and before anyone has any sorts of misgivings let me say first Pits are some of my favorite people. Whatever you might have heard about Pits, let me assure you they are some of the most loving and gentle dogs alive today, and most of who they are depends greatly on who raises the animal. That said, Pits are tough critters who play hard and can take a lot of punishment when they are playing. The Loki Mutt and I tussled around in the leaves today, and I was surprised at how hard I had to pop him to get him to understand where the boundaries are. I had the same problem with Bert, many, many, years ago, and I do understand that a puppy in play mode has to be trained to come out of it when I tell him to do so. When I say stop he has to stop, right now.
Lucas is more like Bert than he is Sam, but he stays at Sam’s side more often than not. Sam doesn’t swim, and he doesn’t wade but once again, the Loki Mutt is showing sure signs of being Bert’s son, not Sam’s. Lucas likes to run full bore through the firepit, which is now a wading pond for the dogs. I tried to catch him in motion yesterday, but my god that dog has put some speed on. Lucas, if he was six months old in August, is a year old now. That means I have at least another year of puppy left to deal with, and the worst as far as damage does has yet to come. The training part is pretty much solidified, and Lucas behaves himself well, I must admit, but he has boundless energy, and he seems driven.
I’ve never shared space with a dog that seems to have such a sense of destiny as Lucas has. He wants to be lead dog. He wants to have the place next to me when we’re sitting down. He wants to be the dog at my side when we’re walking. He wants to be Bert, actually, and Bert has taken a great deal of umbrage at this. Sam’s tried to kill Lucas once, but most of the time when Sam and Lucas tie up it isn’t a big deal. Tying up with Bert is a big deal, however, and Lucas has been pushing it lately. The very said Luke would be stunted and as far as I can tell that’s Vetspeak for “Oh dear dog in heaven this is going to be a large critter”. The Loki Mutt continues to grow.

The most positive thing I have to report to you is Lucas is showing almost none of the signs of deprivation reaction that Sam has. I got to him in time to keep any permanent damage to his psyche from occurring so it would seem, and he’s nothing like Sam was six months after he got here. Sam has always been deeply scarred by the time he spent with people other than humans, and even though he has enjoyed a life of peace and security, Sam is flawed. I cannot heal the wounds that have been created in his mind, and in this, I consider we humans even more flawed still; we can do more harm than we can repair, or heal. Sam will live his life out in peace, and perhaps there is more I can do for him, and certainly all the damage that has been done is done, as long as I live.
Physical and emotional abuse stays with the victim longer than we know, longer than we fear, and longer than we care to admit.

I happily report to you the state of the Loki Mutt is very good. At this moment he is sleeping, or recharging, with the Elder Mutts, but soon he will rise to torment and destroy, as puppy are wont to do. Six months deep into my time with him, I must say I feel somewhat robbed of being deprived of his earlier puppy months, and even though it might have cost me two pairs of running shoes, one hundred feet of garden hose, two blankets, a twenty by twenty tarp, a hoe handle, a dozen holes in my yard, some siding on the house, and who knows how much money in chew toys, I still love this little dog.

Take Care,

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