Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ten Days of Touch Typing.

Has anyone noticed any change in the way I write? It feels different. This is a radical shift in the way my mind and hands interact with one another to produce what you are reading. Even my eyes are aligned differently. I’ve been a proponent, or at least a willing victim, of two fingered typing now for over fifteen years. Certainly, I write a lot slower now but that is changing. The whole idea was to spend less time editing which is only possible if I am able to type faster and fix errors as they occur while making fewer errors.
I took the typing test and was cranking out fifty words a minute with an accuracy rate of about 87% with just two fingers. Right now I’m typing about thirty words a minute with the same accuracy rate with all ten. That doesn’t sound very good at all unless you take into consideration I’ve been touch typing for less than two weeks. Once I get up to the mid fifties again I’ll feel a little better about all this but right now I feel slow and chunky.
Truth be told, I needed a break from writing. There are two stories I’ve been writing and I feel as if I’ve hit some sort of wall. Sooner or later, I was going to have to sit down and decide what to do next and this is a good way of doing just that. My love for writing demands I improve my writing and this is a good way to do that, I hope.
When I first tried to learn how to type several years ago I didn’t try to stop two fingered typing so I never stopped the bad habit. Now I’m typing everything, no matter how long and hard or short and easy by touch. It’s impossible to get any serious writing done but I do remember when I first started writing how hard it was to get anything done. I also remember when I first started my goal of a thousand words a day every day, and how impossible that seemed at times. So this too shall pass just not as quickly as I would like.
For a man who has on occasion cranked out twenty-five thousand words in twenty-hours this is a little like driving a tricycle after having ridden on a roller coaster. My thoughts keep backing up on me and by the time I get around to finishing a sentence it feels like I have finished a sentence but with no parole. That damn “p” keeps coming out as “[“and I never realized how many times that letter pops up. People purposely practice the “p” to become proficient. Yeah, and I am also using a typing book from the 70’s at lunch to help supplement by computer program. Can you tell I revert back to “practice-speak” at times?

All in all I’m pretty pleased with my progress. When I make a mistake now I can usually find the right key right away and I do realize most of what is not happening eventually will. The immersion therapy is the best, and by not writing at all unless it’s with all the right fingers in all the right places, it is all just a matter of time.

The question remains: Do I sound the same?

Take Care,


  1. I do think your writing "voice" is still the same. Sounds like you're making progress on the touch typing. I recall the drills I went through long ago in "secretarial classes" for typing. It becomes second nature once mastered; you never even think of where your fingers are, just fly along with your thoughts as you write.

    Now Shorthand, that was a nightmare -- even though I did master it. Not something I would want to relearn after all these years!

  2. As long as I haven't lost my voice...

    I never could figure out shorthand. Waaaay too much!