Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Ancient City Dream

I dreamed when I shifted around in my bed there was an ancient civilization reveled underneath me. Now this was a serious case of double bilocation as both myself and the ancient civilization were in two locations at once. Both myself and the ancient civilization were in the bed, yet we were both also somewhere else. I’ll try to explain this but you’ll have to pretend you are at the movies, or on LSD.

As I moved around in the bed last night, my movements would uncover what looked like an incredibly old but advanced city, like Pompeii. There were plazas and arenas, and there were narrow streets and vast avenues. Women were hanging their wash out on lines, and the streets were alive with the commerce of human beings. And they were aware of me.

At some level, to them, I was some force that had brought them back to life, and we all knew it was only temporary. As I hovered over the city and watched, the people would glance up and wave to me, and shout greetings to me. I knew the streets, I knew the buildings, and this was a place I had known for a very long time. There, that arch that spanned those two streets, yes, that one, it doesn’t have a shop in it like some of the others because it is cracked, and the city has yet to repair it sufficiently enough for the people to trust it. And there, in the older part of the city is an old building that may be the oldest, maybe even one of the first, and the family who owns it wants to tear it down to begin anew but the building is so old, so terribly old, it is nearly a part of the collective family.

To make things even more strange, I knew but could not see or hear, other dreamers dreaming about other cities, and I knew an entire world was being uncovered. I wanted to take pictures. I wanted to reach down and grasp a piece of marble, or stone from a building as a souvenir. For no matter how much I moved, or how I moved, the civilization was disappearing before my eyes.

As I moved around, and uncovered a new part, eventually some of the parts that were uncovered first began to be covered again. I tried to be still, but even when I just looked around I was losing part of the city. It was happening everywhere, to everyone, and I woke up and started to go get the camera, but I knew if I moved I would lose the rest of it. I went back to sleep and the city was neatly gone now, just a few ruins with very few people, and they looked up and me as if they wanted to say good-bye. I reached down under the covers to pick up some evidence this was all real, that it all wasn’t just a dream, and as I picked up part of a crumbling wall, it was all gone.

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