Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coincidental Weirdness

One of the great things about working at night is there is more tie to get to know the contractors. On a ten hour shift there is a lot of exchange of cultural information when the contractor is from the other side of the country and we were discussing the gun culture of The South versus that of the Pacific Northwest. We had come to the conclusion both parts of America are pretty much shoot-if-your-house-is-being-broken-into and the guy was telling me about a friend of his who got into a very tight situation. The friend was in bed with his wife, and they were just getting started when there was a knock on the door. They decided to ignore it, but the knocking came again, so the guy gets up to see who it might be. After the third set of knocks, someone kicks in the door, and the man realizes it's a home invasion. He quickly goes and gets his pistol and confronts the young man in his living room. The young man charges the homeowner so the guy with the gun goes




Right when he said POW! someone lit an acetylene torch and it made a very loud popping noise. Considering we were under an overpass where sound echoes, the affect was magnified. We both jumped and honestly I damn near ducked behind a truck.


The timing was just too perfect.


Take Care,