Saturday, April 24, 2010

Too Fat For Fox!

Ashley Graham, who doesn't look at all like one of those Victoria's Secret Death Camp Survivors, was told By FOX and ABC television networks that her recent commercial was too racy and showed too much skin. Despite the fact that both networks show Victoria's Secret Ads, and even KY Jelly ads, when it comes to showing a woman who doesn't look starved, they both headed for cover.


  1. that's alright, they got the commercial aired on lots of tv news programs. you can't buy publicity like that. it's great they are making a line of lingerie for big people like me, even greater they made a commercial with a plus size model.

  2. Most women do not look like Victoria's secret yet most people tend to think of the ideal that way.

    This is unhealthy in so many ways you cannot count them all.