Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Accidental Virgin (Front Seat Drivers)

Frankie said she remembered the two words that changed her life forever. “Wait here.” She said she had no idea why she said those two words, but she did. They were holding hands in Tim’s car, about to kiss goodnight, and suddenly, the outside light went out. Frankie’s father had cut the light out to go to bed, totally forgetting the two youngsters in the car. Frankie couldn’t believe her father wouldn’t come out to shoo Tim away, and when she went inside, the whole house was quiet. She went back outside and told Tim he had to go but she got back into the car with him, and that was when things began to heat up.
Frankie laughed when she told me but losing her virginity lasted only about five seconds. They were making out, then lying down making out, then her shirt was open, and then he was touching her, and then she was telling him not without a condom. She was seriously appalled and shocked he had already gone out and bought one, which meant he had planned to use it, and Frankie thought this whole thing was her idea. She changed her mind three times, the odd number almost saved her, but then it was too late.
Frankie had this dream about losing her virginity in a large bed, at night, with candles and flowers, and there being passion and pleasure. What she got was Tim on top of her in his father’s car with the radio off, and her foot kept bumping the steering wheel causing her to envision the horn blowing and waking up everyone. But before that could happen, her father opened the car door and dragged Tim off of her, and the screaming began.

Frankie said she had lost her virginity, realized it wasn’t going to be pleasurable at all, and hoped it would end soon, and then Tim was dragged away, screaming like a girl. Frankie said that bothered her until the day they broke up years later, that Tim sounded like a little girl when he screamed. But at that very moment, other considerations were due. The first was Frankie’s mother was yelling at Frankie’s father not to kill Tim, who was trying to escape. Tim finally got away, and fled the scene, after Frankie’s father tore his shirt off trying to grab him. Tim ran away, naked, and Frankie said she remembered wondering when it was exactly he had taken his shoes off. Her mother was still yelling, but this time at Frankie, who hadn’t had time to get her jeans back on, and she didn’t remember being this undressed, but she was. Her mother, in a stream of language Frankie had never suspected her mother had known, much less practiced, turned a flashlight on Frankie’s still mostly nude body and there was evidence undeniable that the deed had been done. The condom was hanging half in and half out of Frankie like the ghost of the sex act that had only lived for a few seconds.
Meanwhile, Tim had made it to a neighbor’s house and managed to wake up someone with a phone, and they called the sheriff. They found Tim hiding in the Azaleas trying to cover up with the seat cushions of some lawn furniture. They called Tim’s parents, who had to get up and go get their naked son, and the car. Frankie’s father wanted Tim arrested on a wide variety of charges, but it isn’t exactly illegal for two consenting teens to have sex. Well, it is, but you cannot charge one without charging the other, and after a few hours of debate, Frankie’s father finally allow Tim’s parents to get the car, and the sheriff allowed the now clothed Tim to go home with his folks.
The whole of the Early County School system was abuzz with excitement the next morning. Frankie’s sister Pat was suddenly and instantly famous. She release details most sordid and fictionalized, and each time she told the tale it got worse and worse. Tim was shocked and appalled to discover he too was now famous, and the fact that he had escaped Frankie’s father and ran down the road naked made things a million times worse. They didn’t let Frankie out of her room for a week. After her teachers complained about her possibly suffering some sort of physical abuse, her father finally allowed Frankie to call her teachers and get homework assignments, but he was never letting her out of the house again.
A sort of legal standoff ensued. Legally, Frankie had to go to school, but no one was willing to press the issue with her father. Midterms were coming up, and if Frankie didn’t take the test, she would fail the grade. Her father tried to get the teachers to come to his house and give the tests, but they refused. Finally, after two weeks of total isolation, Frankie returned to school.
There was a sort of a hush that fell over the entire county as Frankie stepped out of her father’s truck. He escorted her down the hall and into homeroom, and you could have heard a pin drop. There wasn’t a sound. For a month, he did this, until finally he had to stop doing it to still hold his job, but he did drop her off at the door. Frankie was on restriction until she graduated from High School, three and a half years later.

After a month of this, Frankie went through the front door of the school, out the back, got into Tim’s car, and they went back to her parent’s house to finish what they had started. They skipped school and most of the teachers ignored it, and most of her friends covered for her as best they could. When Frankie went to Valdosta State College in 1982, she and Tim moved in together, and Frankie told her father as long as she paid the rent at the apartment, she would sleep with whoever she wanted to sleep with, when she wanted. Frankie and Tim broke up about three months later. After sneaking around for the better part of four years, the freedom they enjoyed interfered with how they had grown to feel about the relationship.
The last I heard from her, she and her husband was going down to Haiti with Frankie’s father and mother, to help out as they could down there. The Incident forgotten, or pushed back into the past, good people will continue to do good things. Tim went on to coach track for a while, but he moved to Florida to do it. His most famous run was never forgotten, and as long as he was in Georgia, someone would always bring it up.

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  1. Small town life. Small town sex lives of teenagers. Everybody always finds out.

  2. Also, all young girls want candles and flowers. The first time, but rarely get them.