Saturday, July 3, 2010

The University Of Georgia’s “Red Panties” Affair.

If I needed another reason to give up on football all I had to do was wait and surely some player would be accused of rape, murder, carrying a gun into a daycare center, or some other totally imaginable crime. What I did not expect is for the Athletic Director of the University of Georgia to become the latest and greatest internet sensation, replete with red panties.

At 11:54 on the final night of June 2010, the head of Georgia’s athletics department, Damon Evans, was described by a police officer as having “watery” and “bloodshot” eyes. His speech patterns were “slow” and “mumbled.” His behavior was characterized as “crying” and “talkative.”
Then this, from Officer M. Cabe: “I also noticed that the subject had a red pair of lady’s panties between his legs.”

They would belong to his equally inebriated and combative passenger, a woman who was not his wife. She was booked for trying to fight her way out of him getting a DUI.

The woman in question, Courtney Fuhrmann, tells Officer Cabe she and Evans have been seeing one another “only a week or so,” but apparently she knew full well who he is. “Just to let you know,” she’s quoted as saying, “[the charge] will be erased because he’s the athletic director at UGA and he has that power.”

Apparently, Evans also believed in that power.

. “I don’t want to use who I am,” he’s quoted as saying, and also that he didn’t “want to use my influence.” And also: “I am not trying to bribe you, but is there anything you can do without arresting me?’ ”

Football is such a big deal in Georgia that a married man can get drunk and ride around in his BMW and think his position will protect him from the laws of the state and those of common sense. But perhaps this is the way he was celebrating his rise to the top. There was only six minutes from the time he was stopped at Roswell Road and Chastain Drive until his salary was due to be raised— to $550,000 per fiscal year.

In a year that saw university professors furloughed, salaries slashed, tuition prices raised, and the future of students and professors clouded by the recession, the University of Georgia has over a half a million dollars to hand out to a drunk whoring around in his BMW.

Now, as if it is not bad enough the University of Georgia will have to buy this guy off to make him go away, they’ll also have to hire someone else, who will very likely view the job as toxic. Worse yet, at every Georgia game there will be a shower of red panties thrown onto the field. The University of Georgia has become an internet joke, not because of the academics, oh heavens no, but because of football, and how the game has come to be revered. The amount of money, the amount of power, and the sheer momentum of sports in general has taken over the school, and the lives of many of those involved in the school, and the end results are as predictable as they are laughable.
Except for the money thrown away on a game, this would all be very funny.

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