Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"You Raped Me With Your Voice"

Dreams are not visions into the future, or means to explore who we really are, at least I don’t think they are all the time. I think they can be, for they tell us what our minds are worried about, or preoccupied with in our daily lives. Many years ago I decided to write down as much as I could remember about my dreams as soon as I awoke and it’s helped me remember a lot more detail than most people seem to think they remember. I wonder if this has also helped me have more details in my dreams, but I cannot say.
Moultrie isn’t very far from where I live, only forty miles or so, but for some reason, and in dreams there are very few real reasons to do anything, I was looking for a place to stay overnight in Moultrie because I had to work there the next day. There was a co-worker with me, and he wasn’t happy at all about having to spend the night away from home. I didn’t care, but we stopped at a fast food joint to get something to eat. There were no other customers in the place, and it wasn’t the usually plastic and fake wood interior but it looked like someone’s home. There were three women running the place and a brunette dressed with a very strange red outfit took a liking to me. She said we could spend the night there, and she and I began to make out.
Lucas barked and I woke up. It was morning, but the clock was flashing from the storm yesterday and I haven’t reset it. I had let the dog out at about four when I went to bed, and forgot about them. I was too sleepy to get up so I went back to sleep, and the dreams picked up again.

My co-worker and I were looking at an intersection that was falling apart, and we knew we would have to replace most of what was on the road. The asphalt was coming up in chunks. There was a crew already out there trying to make repairs but the concrete looked brown and they were having problems getting it to work. Bert and Sam suddenly appeared on the other side of the road, and I was terrified they were going to get killed. They waited for the light to change, and they made their way across the street just like two people would, stopping to check traffic, and letting a stray car go past them. Sam turned into a little white poodle, and I was appalled.

Lucas barked and I seriously thought about getting up and letting him in, but I don’t want him to think he can bark his way into the house when I want him outside.  I looked at the flashing clock again and decided to get up, but didn’t.

The brunette and I were sitting on a sofa that was like three or four bean bag chairs pushed together. She was wearing knee high red boots, and her outfit was made of red pieces of cloth tied together at various places. I was taking off a piece of cloth here and there, and she was allowing me to do so as long as I didn’t get rushed with it.  There was a very broad piece of cloth that came off in quickly and her midriff was totally bare. She chided me for having thoughts of tickling her but she was laughing all the while. There was two cloths bands covering her breasts, and if one was untied the other would come off also. I said something like, “If this comes off we’re going to have to take this into the bedroom”  and I assumed that was where it all was heading but she stood up and started tying the strips of cloth back on. I asked her what was wrong and she very clearly said, “You raped me with your voice.”
Lucas barked and this time I really thought I would get up because the Woman In Red was totally gone. It was time to feed The Three anyway, and there are many things on my to-do list today. I have to change the oil in my truck, and I have to…

Cedar Avenue in Blakely Georgia is more or less a middle class subdivision and it is crowded with nice houses but I began dreaming it was an open field where there was a carnival of some sort. It was raining and raining very hard, but I was standing in line to buy a ticket. The woman ahead of me was trying to convince the young woman at the makeshift counter the children with her were all under twelve, and therefore eligible for a discount. Three of the “children” were at least of High School age and the woman at the counter was not buying the routine. The price of all the tickets the women wanted came to be one hundred dollars but she claimed to have only ninety-nine.  The woman put her money down on the counter and then reached for a towel I had around my neck and I stepped back and told her to keep her hands away from me. The “children” all took off running past the counter and the woman taking the money picked up a fashioned telephone and called the police while the woman who wanted my towel walked away telling her not to forget to arrest her for the one dollar.
Lucas barked and I finally decided to get up and put some dog food in some bowls before there was some sort of full blown revolt. It occurred to me Lucas’ bark might actually be part of the dream, and I might wake up in Moultrie and think this is all very damn strange to dream I was home about to feed the dogs. It also occurred to me I would be seriously freaked if Sam was a poodle.

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