Saturday, August 28, 2010

And those people who can't park worth a damn, too.

It has occurred to me there has to be some Universal Force keeping people alive because really, when t gets right down to it, there should be more people killed in car accidents. Forty thousand people a year die in car wrecks each year in the United States alone, and quite frankly, considering I see at least one moron a day when I’m going to the store for food, it just seems to me there has to be something keeping these people from ramming into themselves at a high rate of speed and ending the genetic peril to the rest of us.
Thirty thousand people a year die from gunshot wounds, and interestingly enough, most of those are non accidental according to the CDC.
One hundred thousand people a year die from accidents in hospital involving accidental overdose, infections they got there, and by sheet incompetence. Sometimes they cut off the wrong head, and that sort of thing.

You are more likely to be killed by someone with a stethoscope than someone with a gun.

It occurs to me that you are also much more likely to be drive into bankruptcy by medical bills than a mugging.

Yet the idea there is some Universal Mind out there watching over us leaks me to believe people are as bad as I fear, because bad things keep happening to people,  just not on the order of magnitude I would think, giving the level of intelligence indicated by popular culture. Surely there has to be some sort of immediate visible punishment for thinking Michael Jackson held some sort of value for the world, yet I haven’t seen anyone get turned into a pillar of fake nose jobs over it yet.
You know what bothers me about evolution? Zombie ants, honey bees, and spitting cobras. Spitting cobra force venom out of their fangs in an outward direction in an effort to blind predators who threaten them, and they are damn good at it. Do how did this particular skill come about? How would it? But that’s minor compared to the way honey bees tell one another where pollen is located. A scout returns, does a dance that indicates where the pollen is, and the other bees take off and find it. Bees do not have brains. How did this happen? The zombie ants get attacked by a fungus that directs the ants to attach themselves to leaves in the shade so the fungus can grow better while devouring the ants from the inside out.
Neither science or religion impress me very much as far as explaining the universe. Nut most people see the whole debate as an either/pr type discussion and neither side is willing to admit they might be wrong, nut no one can explain why people will not use a turn signal or how a zombie ant knows where to die.

There was a nutcase out west who was keeping over one hundred dogs in and around his house, and the law went to fetch him on some unrelated charges. The sheriff decided there was no way they county could keep so many dogs so he and a few of his posse just started blasting away at the dogs.  I understand the concept that human beings are being punished because we are inherently screwed up, but I cannot buy into a system that allows for dogs to be treated the way some people treat them, and reconcile that with a good and just god.
I have a real hard time thinking people who would treat dogs like this have evolved from anything at all, or for that matter, at all.

In my nearly fifty years on this earth I have been around long enough to hear almost every argument from every angle from the evolution camp and the gods camps. I think you’re both wrong. I think you both misinterpret the universe much in the manner misinterprets what four way stops are for, and how quantum mechanics work. I think faith can be an admission you’ve stopped looking for answers, and knowledge can be an admission you’ve stopped asking questions. Neither feels right anymore, and that may just be because there is a real and serious lack of civility these days in any discussion. There cannot be a viable third party. It’s us or them, good or evil, left or right, liberal or conservative, up or down, dancing with the idle or America Island.
And none of it is making us better people. Or happier people, either.

People from both sides of the argument have asked me how life began, how the universe got here, how everything that is anything suddenly became into being, and I tell them all, “How in the hell would I know?”  I mean really, how many of us have done the math to explain the Big Bang? How many of us can explain it, or understand it, when about 90% of can’t explain why the television remote works. And those who believe so firmly in the bible? Can you read Greek, the language it was written in when it was written? How do you really know what it says? How do you know what it means? How do we really know anything other than the fact there is no way to pass a tractor on a two lane road when you’re late for work?

Doubt, on the other hand, seems to be a fairly decent philosophy. I’m not sure where anything came from, how anything happened, and unless the standards for getting into MIT or Harvard drop, I’m not likely to start rubbing elbows with anyone who knows anything about real universal math, if such a thing actually exists.  At the same time, I don’t care about religion at all. I’d like to be a better person, and I would like to treat other people better than I do, unless they are child molesters or talk in the theater. If there is a Universal Mind, it knows where to find me, I assume, and it has my cell number.
This doesn’t mean you’re wrong, no matter what you believe. All this really means is I’ve got a hell of a lot of questions, few answers, three dogs to look after, and a keyboard with letters on it.
Read more than that into it, and you’re just be chasing your tail….again.

Take Care

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