Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Full Moon Mutts

Last night I slept, awoke, slept again, and repeated as much more necessary as it was needed. The moon is nearly full which means the mutts wake up a lot, and for reasons inexplicable, they want to look out of the windows  because there is more light. Obviously this means there is more to see. Equally obvious is the logical flaw in seeing more meaning there is more to see. The same trees are there. The same bushes are there. The shadows come once a month, like a woman’s period, and they darken and lighten with the cycle of the moon. Nothing changes but the mood of the dogs who seem to think more light equals more sight.

Most dogs, in comparison with human beings, have poor eyesight. They really do not need it for they have great ears and incredible noses. Sam is a sight hound and he has decent eyesight, but in the light of the full moon, Sam sees things that are not there. Bert reacts to this, and of course, Lucas does as well.

I’ve been writing about Demons far too much lately and they have invaded my dreams which are not a good thing. The Demon Regal and I went into a motel lobby and started gunning down people who we knew to be Demonic.  The bad part about this is I couldn’t tell who was a Demonic and who was not. I had to rely on a Demon to tell me, and that wasn’t good. But rarely does a motel maid keep an AK-47 in her broom closet so I felt comfortable with that one, and the desk clerk pulled some sort of grenade launcher out that spat out fire at us, so yeah, him too, but the rest of the people looked very normal and that bothered me.
I woke up after that and couldn’t get back to sleep for a while, and the dogs wanted out. Oh, you’re awake, well, that would be a good excuse to let us out. I lay in bed and waited until they wanted back in, was almost asleep and then heard the unmistakable noise of mutt reentry signals.

Okay, the first dream was full of terror and excitement and mayhem, so the next dream when into full boredom mode. “Turn left at the next light” and I was in a field. I could see the road I needed to be on but there was a field, and a ditch between the end of my road and the beginning of the other,( cue visual meaning of roads not connecting meaning something unfulfilled) so I drive into the field to try to get around the ditch. There was a horse corral, and there was someone’s SUV in the way, so I had to back up, and the grass in the field was Alice in the Looking Glass tall. It wasn’t dog fennel or some high weed but mere grass that was eight feet tall and I was having problem backing up. The SUV was keeping me from going the way I came, although it hadn’t moved, so I had to back up through the barn, and I knocked the cattle gate down. Clearly on a diet, the cows tried to follow me out, but I shooed them back in, and tried to get the gate back up. (cue meaning for futile repeated action) because I couldn’t get the gate to stand back up. I was trying to wedge it in with tiny pieces of wood that were, incredibly, wedge shaped, but the gate kept falling. I tried to tie it with rope but the rope was never tight enough and it was always sagging enough to make it look like it would fall. An old man pulled up in a truck and I tried to explain what had happened, but Lucas decided to get up on the bed and wake me up.

Until it gets colder, the two Elder Mutts will not get on the bed at all. It’s too damn got. But Lucas likes the heat, and he wants to be near me. I try to shoo him off the bed but there’s a problem; the floor is covered with shadows. He has no idea where Sam is, and if he lands on Sam at this time of the night, Sam will kill him. He solves this problem by turning around 250 degrees and lying down again. Not exactly get off the bed, dude, so get off the bed. I have to turn the light on to get him down off the bed, and the light coming on means it’s time to go out.

Ever see the movie, “Groundhog Day”

As I lay awake I swore I couldn’t have slept at all but then I remembered the dreams and when I looked at the clock it was three something so I got up and drank some water. Three something is that time of day no one anywhere on earth is awake, and none of my online peeps were making a peep so I tried to sleep again after serving as a doggie doorman for the fourth time in as many hours.  I drifted in and out of sleep and creamed I was at work, in my sweats explaining to my boss that I  didn’t call in because it was Sunday and he was saying it was Monday already and I was freaked out that Sunday was gone. An entire day was missing and I couldn’t remember what had happened. It was an odd feeling and I considered I might be dreaming, but it seemed so real, and it does seem like once or twice a week I question dreaming in a dream and cannot wake up from it anyway.
The coyotes cranked up at dawn so it was pretty much over for me at that point. Every dog in the county jams with their wild cousins, and my mutts love it.

At dawn I walked out into the yard, nude but for rubber boots and howled.

Take Care,

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