Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Reason For Me To Stop Watching The NFL

With convicted dog molester Michael Vick on the sidelines, I’ve been given yet another reason never to watch the NFL again. In a human form of the same sport Vick was convicted of, we see a human being trying to injury another in the name of sport.  You could knock this man down without hitting him like this. You could tackle him without hitting him like this. You could actually hit him hard, but doing it like this causes serious injury to both players.

I’m still a football fan, and I still love the game, but it has become a monster. It’s all about selling commercials on television now, and the amount of damage done to stronger, faster, and larger players will lead to those men being maimed for life.

When we played football as a kid we played hard and it was never easy and it was frequently painful, but we loved the game, and we loved playing hard. But this is beyond the scope of what hitting and tackling ought to be. This is assault with intent to injury. This is a reckless disregard for your own safety in the name of a little boy’s game, now played by millionaires.

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