Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Dream Of The Round House, and The Forgetful Pills

I like new dreamscapes, and I like new dream people, so when my subconscious deigns to give me both new people and new places, I’m generally fairly happy, regardless of the situation. The house was nee, not in new as a place I could still smell the paint, but the layout of the house was totally weird and a little confusing, and the house itself was round on the outside, and inside the walls didn’t go all the way up to the ceiling. But the lighting was poor. It was night, and that means less light, and as weird as it seems, I once worked in a factory with no windows and it always seemed darker at night in that building than in the daytime.
The entrance to the house led to a wall that led a visitor to the left or right, and that’s a bad design because it reminds people of some office, or mall bathroom facility. The odd thing is there is a gap leading into a common room from both sides, so why not just have the thing just open to the common room?  But the common room is round and it has one of those fireplaces with the metal chimney leading to the ceiling which is nice as long as you aren’t the person chopping wood for it. One of the gaps, and I call it a gap because there isn’t a door there at all, just a weird looking strips of cloth that remind me of spider webs when I pass through them, lead to the bedroom to the South of the common room, and there is a bathroom off  to one side and it also has a opening to the hallway from the common room so anyone having to use it doesn’t have to go through the bedroom.  The other bedroom is mirrored on the other side, but in between the two bedrooms is a space wide enough to be another bedroom, that shares a wall with the common room, and it was being used as sort of an open storage area.
The storage has a lot of odd items that seem misplaces, including a pool table pushed against the wall. An Asian woman was setting up a baby crib nest to the pool table and her husband, also Asian, was explaining to me that I had to take my dogs to the vet’s until they left. I thought all of this was very odd, because I didn’t know either of them, and I couldn’t understand why my dogs would be there at all. They explained that the baby would be in the crib, and they would be in the other room, and who know what would happen if three large dogs got around a small child? They didn’t think the dogs would hurt the baby, but they were concerned the dogs, in their curiosity might cause some accidental harm.

The odd thing in all this, well there were more than one or two odds things. First off, as far as I could tell, my dogs weren’t there. I couldn’t tell why the dogs would be there, and if they had to leave, I would certainly go with them. But more odd than this was there didn’t seem to be a baby in the crib, or anywhere else for that matter. Even more strange, they acted as if there were my guests, but I had never been there before. The man asked me why the pool table was pushed against the wall and I told him I had no idea. But if we had pushed the pool table away from the all, the crib wouldn’t have the space it needed, and not block the whole area from either side of the house. The three debated as to whether or not the crib, or the pool table might be moved one way or the other, and in the end, I told them we might want to ask whoever owned the hose what they thought about all of this before we started rearranging anything.
The Asian man looked very surprised and he asked me if I was Mark, and I told him I wasn’t Mark, and didn’t know Mark. He asked me if this was Mark’s house and I told him I didn’t know that either. It was one of those odd conversations when you think you know someone, and start talking to them, and they just assume you’ve met, and then somewhere in the middle of the conversation you realize you are actually strangers.
He asked me about my dogs, and I asked him if I wasn’t Mark, and he didn’t know me, how on earth would he know I have dogs, and he told me Mark had dogs. Okay, I’m not Mark, but I have dogs, having dogs doesn’t make me Mark. I didn’t say you were Mark, but I thought since we had the dog discussion you were Mark. Oh, that makes sense, actually. Why would you come to someone’s house and think they would take their dogs out of their home for your child, unless you had made prior arrangements?
At this point my ex-wife showed up, and was really mad to see us all there. I haven’t seen the woman in the better part of seven years, and have no idea why she was there, but I decided to leave, but she followed me. I went into the bathroom and she demanded I stopped taking “those damn pills” because I had forgotten everything around me, and apparently I was still married, and living in that house with her. There was a bottle of pills in medicine cabinet, and the mirror part of it slid into the wall whenever I reached for it, and for some reason, I thought it might be very hard to clean. There was nothing in the cabinet but one bottle of pills so I took two or three of them and the dreamed ended because the dogs were barking.  I still had the weird feeling I had swallowed something.

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  1. "One pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small".