Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ghosts and Demons

I don’t bother to tell people about Bonnie, well, not the people who I normally have to interact with because it’s more than a little odd a man who doesn’t believe in ghosts is haunted. Oh sure, now it’s a nightmare, and Sue Ellen will be the first to tell you this, but the thing of it is, my life has not been the same since the first dream a few years ago, and I don’t  see it getting back to where I was, and honestly, who would really want that? If you’re going to write fiction then you have to live with the idea there is already something in your subconscious that is working on overtime, and when you throw gas on a fire you just might lose more than an eyebrow.
I was looking back at what I’ve written about Bonnie, and why, and how it all came to be, and I realized that I haven’t seen her since I began work on my Demon novel, and the Protagonist is a red head who carries a gun. Someone, and I cannot remember who, fronted the idea that Bonnie was actually a Demon, but I dismissed that pretty quickly.
I don’t believe in Demons, either.

This sounds a lot like a man buying Unicorn feed, I know it does, but the truth of the matter is I think I’m just a little more tweaked than most people, and I have very vivid dreams. I’ve been writing down my dreams for years now, and even though most of them do not make any sense at all, I am able to remember a lot of what happens because I do this. I write what my mind gives me to write and it isn’t like I have any control over it at all. The only control I can exert is not to write what is there, and just not write at all.
It’s been fronted to by the paranormal people that I am attracted to people and places with odd energy. I don’t much believe in this either but they made a pretty good argument  when they pointed out I seem to attract more than my share of people who politely put, are more than a little left of balanced.

This all reminds me of the story of when a cage full of monkeys stole the keeper’s keys and escaped. They headed for the roof of a building where there was s a bar and soon enough, some guy calls 911 to reports there is a lunatic at the bar. “He keeps repeating, ‘There are no monkeys, there are no monkeys, there are no monkeys,’ and the damn place is full of them!”

Really, I would be as poor a subject for either haunting or possession simply because I would write it off as mental illness or writing material. There aren’t enough people reading what I write to make it worth a Demon’s while to take over my mind, and as far as a ghost haunting me, would there be some form of entertainment in the afterlife that might be a little bit more engaging than waiting for me to come home from work to give me weird dreams?
If ghosts are the spirits of former living people why aren’t we overrun with the damn things? Id there are Demons in my house, why aren’t they dead of boredom yet?

See, here’s where I have such a big problem with the supernatural in as much as things that go bump in the night might be. Most people assume that Demons, Ghosts, and Otherworldly creatures are somewhat inherently evil in nature. I find that hard to bite into to simply because if they were, you’d think there would be some seriously evil things going on, and quite frankly, I don’t think us humans need the help when it comes to evil. Do you really believe with all the war, disasters, starvation, animal abuse, child abuse, and reality television shows going on, if Evil Personified existed, it would be anything but bored to tears for the lack of some corner of the earth we haven’t screwed up on our own yet? 

It could be argued, of course, humans do the things they do because they are influenced by some sort of outside evil influence, but I have never heard a bigger cop out for behavior than that. If you need a good example of what I’m talking about, look at the way the United States came into being. We invaded a land already populated by other people, took their land, brought in salves so we could make money off the land we stole, wiped out the natives until they were just a tiny fraction of what they had been, and when we reached a point where there wasn’t any more land to steal, or any more natives to kill, we declared what we did as wrong, and no one else ought to do such things.
Meanwhile, during the time of the killing and stealing, there was this idea of manifest destiny, and the Promised Land, and all that sort of stuff, and religion played a really big part in the whole process of killing and stealing, but because the natives slept in on Sundays, well, that made them fair game.
There wasn’t anything supernaturally evil about the people who founded this country, and there wasn’t anything supernaturally evil about the people who owned slaves. Likely, there were products of their times, like the people who once used human sacrifice in cultures all over the world. Greed and ignorance are not evil, but once you get enough of the two in enough people, then there will be evil created out of this, I assure you, and it has nothing to do with demons or ghosts.
You’d think with the advanced civilization we claim to have things like slavery and child prostitution, war, environmental destruction and Wal-Mart would have been eliminated, as known evils, things we know we cannot allow to exist if our species is to survive and lay claim to be ethical. Yet here we sit, still wondering if the dead walk among us, wondering if this person or that person is possessed by demons, still looking for Big Foot, and still staring out into the dark, if there might be anything worse out there than what stares back at us from the mirror.

Take Care,

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