Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Full Moon Mutts Nov 2010

Bert has outgrown running around during a full moon and he is the only one of The Three to doze through the night now. The Loki Mutt and Sam got up twice last night, thoroughly convinced there was something out there that needed their attention, and I finally gave up and left the back door open.  It’s my theory they think there is more to see out there because there is more light, but it may go deeper than that. But Bert isn’t buying into it anymore, so that leads me to believe there isn’t anything to worry about. Sam and Lucas wander around for a couple of hours then return to be praised for whatever it is they did. I praise nothing at two in the morning but sleep, and more sleep.
I drifted in and out of sleep and in and out of a dream state. It’s happened before, where I will be in a dream, then wake up, and then go back to the same dream. Last night between the canine updates and when they fell into repose from their efforts, I dreamed I was going somewhere with a group of people on foot, but I couldn’t actually see the people around me. It wasn’t dark or foggy, or anything optical, but I was looking forward, not around me, and they were not invisible either, it was just I didn’t see them. We walked by a wall, even though one should not have been there, and it was covered with red clay tile, but the pattern was giraffe-like, and very pretty. I’ve seen tile like this, somewhere, but I cannot remember where, and last night I put my face to it and felt the coolness of the tiles. One of the people with me came into view, and I realized it was someone I worked with a very long time ago. He was wearing a flannel shirt and there was dust on one of his arms, and his shoulder, as if he had been carrying something heavy that had not been clean. Somewhere in my mind I thought it a nice touch that the dream would be so detailed, and that woke me up.
The room was flooded with moonlight. Bert was snoring softly, but Sam and Lucas weren’t back. I was sinking back into sleep when I heard the sound of both dogs pounding their way across the deck, through the porch, and into the house. They sound like there is an even dozen of them, sometimes. It’s exciting for the weather to be cool, the moon to be high, and the woods to be open for late night exploration. They can barely be contained, but Sam wants to nap, so they lie down in the semidarkness of the bedroom and I drift back into sleep again.
I remember walking in near total darkness many years ago, but there was just enough starlight for me to see the tips of my white tennis shoes just below my field of vision. Blink-blink-blink-blink- and a four mile an hour pace dismayed the two friends walking with me. They thought I was walking far too fast, but I was the only nonsmoker in the group. The dream comes back as I have this thought, and honestly I had to think for a while before I got get the two disengaged. They had become intertwined the past and the dream, and it was hard to remember where I was, or where I was not. Memory and dreamscape melded for a second or two, and somehow I knew it.
The dreamscape where I was walking with the man with a dusty shirt began anew and this time the people were nearly visible to me, as if I could see shapes in the periphery, or almost hear whispered voices. There was a female, maybe old enough to be a young woman, or a girl barely a teen, who was walking behind me, and she wanted to tell me something but she was having a very hard time deciding what language she should use. How I know this, I cannot say, but I felt her struggle and even though I wanted to speak to her, I felt as if she wanted to do this communication on her own. It’s hard to explain, really, but there seemed to be something going on, and I felt as if I had landed someone in the future, and this was how it would be.

The Loki Mutt has learned if he barks for no reason at all The Elder Mutts cannot discern if it is a nothing at all bark or something important. I, on the other paw, have discovered if Lucas barks at something he is generally in motion at the same time. When he is barking just to get the other two dogs to go out with him then he will sit there and wait to see if it’s worked. It works. Sam heads for the backdoor and Bert struggles to his feet, and then changes his mind. Let the younger dogs investigate, we will rest a while, yes? Lucas and Sam charge out the back door, over the porch, across the deck like a thundering herd, and into the moonlit yard.

I look over at the clock and it is nearly five. There isn’t any real reason to think I will sleep, or dream, anymore this close to dawn. The moonlight is now coming into the windows on the other side of the house. I’m in shadow now, but it’s like having the ghost of a dawn coming in from the west. An owl hoots far from the back of the property, and I can hear the mutts giving chase to the sound. I suspect the owls use the dogs as brush beaters but I cannot prove it. I rise and Bert gets up too. He pads towards the back door as quiet as dark, and I wonder about the young woman in the dream, and what she was trying to say.

Take Care,


  1. Your writing makes everything so vivid and clear; even clearer than watching a movie.

    1. Now I understand the other comment as well. LOL!