Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pop Goes The Culture

Honestly, I am so out of touch with popular culture it sends me spam email just to keep in touch. All I really know about Justin Bieber is she is some sort of lesbian singer who looks a little like a guy. It’s hard to tell sometimes. I haven’t heard her sing, and I do not want to hear her sing, but have heard Britany Spears sing and wish I hadn’t. Why Ms Spears is still hanging onto her share of the spotlight is beyond me, but if she and Lindsey Lohan ever share the same cell, I for one, will be tuning in.
            I am totally at a loss to explain Lindsey Lohan. All I really know about her is she’s a natural redhead and that would account for most of the other stuff I hear about her. She doesn’t sing, hasn’t been in a movie since she was a kid, has been arrested more times than Snoop Dawg has smoked too much pot, and for some reason, she’s still famous. Where does she get the money to act the way she does? Who is footing the bill for her lifestyle? She’s not a bad looking woman but damn, how good in bed could she be? Nevermind, some guy up north sent two hundred grand to a woman he never met before.
            I do know who Charlie Sheen is. I saw him in “Platoon” back a few years and thought did well in it. He hasn’t really done very well in much big screen stuff since that time but he’s had a show called “Two and a half men” for a while and people tell me it was good up to the point Charlie Sheen went over the deep end. Clearly there is a double standard here. If Lindsey Lohan can still be famous while behaving badly, what on earth has Sheen done to deserve to be de-famed? I would look it up but I just do not have time to care about rich people who throw it all away. There are far too many of them to count.
            The great thing about digital music is I never, ever, have to listen to commercial radio again. Someone at the gym was talking about how some woman named Rhiannon had forgiven Bobby Brown for beating her up and I wondered if she hadn’t heard what he did to Whitney Houston? If he will do it to someone else he will do it to you, and that goes for a laundry list of offences from cheating to beating. Famous or not, a man that will hit a woman on a regular basis will hit any woman he has a relationship with, because unless he is arrested, or has the shit beaten out of him for doing it, mostly the only thing men learn from hitting women is the women will put up with it, time and gain.
            There was a show called “Ugly Betty” but I have never watched it either. I’ve seen the first “CSI” show but none of the spin offs. I’ve never watched “American Idle” “Dancing with the Scars” or any of the get kicked off the island shows. There is a bevy of actors, both male and female, who I have no idea who they might be because I haven’t watched television that doesn’t include the History Channel or the Discovery channel, or Netflix. There is a guy at work who will, in minute detail, whether you want him to or not, describe a television show he likes, so I have heard of some of these programs, but really. A thirty minute show is going to have ten minutes of commercials so everything that happens has to happen in twenty minutes or less. Sound bite drama or comedy is going to be as satisfying as sex that takes that long to perform, and quite honestly, I don’t think you can do anything creative well in less than an hour or so.
            There was something that happened last week that caused a lot of rich and famous people to appear dressed well, or barely dressed at all, and there was a lot of talk about who looked best, or worst, and who looked like they had just been released from the Mother Ship. I am waiting for me to give a damn about this but I think the application failed. Damn not given. I am going to wear the clothes I wear because they function to keep me warm, cool, hidden from the sun, or they have pockets.  That’s about it. No one in Hollywood is going to sell me clothes, unless they’ve got a really cool hat that has a wide brim on it, and it doesn’t make me look that that Barber lesbian in it.
            I’ve more or less given up on sports while I’ve been at it. No one who makes an ungodly amount of money playing a kid’s game ought to pontificating on a damn thing except how lucky they are not to have to work for a living. Yet every season there are those who rape women, do drugs, crash cars, get drunk, and pretty much act like spoiled teens who just aren’t getting their due in life. Yet people still buy tickets, shoes, and anything that is stamped with a name on it so they can have some connection with a person who is going to throw away more money buying off trouble than your average fan will make in a lifetime.

I still think Jodie Foster is hot. I still think Dakota Fanning is creepy. I still think movies are a good way to disconnect from life at times, and I think that the artistic value of a great film cannot be measured in ticket sales. There is, as we speak, a new world of video online waiting to be explored, but is being ignored, because it is free. There is great music to be mined from the net, and there are writers out there who will never beat a woman senseless and then rant about it on television.

You might want to consider the source of your art as well as its quality.

Take Care,

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