Monday, April 25, 2011


Okay, here’s the deal. I’ve been posting a thousand words a day for the last four hundred days or so, and I’m beginning to get burned out on it. I’m also working on two writing projects that are more important than anything else going on. So that’s where my attention is going for a while. It’s been good, but I have to focus on writing to get published for a while. I’ve got commitments I have made, and deadlines to meet.

I’m not gone, just more busy writing than I can take time off from to write.

If that makes any sense.

Take Care,


  1. It makes sense, but I will miss the Hickory Head Hermit. When the other commitments are complete, if they involve journalism or anything else that is any of our damn business, let us in so that we can read it. And try to update the hermit once a week or so. Take care.

  2. Wonderful Mike!!!!! I'm SO excited for have the talent to be published, you SHOULD be published. Let me know how it's going when you get a chance :)