Monday, April 18, 2011

My Father Washed His Cat

I preordered my father some World War Two DVDs and totally forgot that I had ordered them at all until I got the email with the information they had been shipped. With the advent of digitalization of film, there is a lot more film they can restore and show just how bad it was in that war, not just what we’ve been allowed to see all these years. World War Two is billed as “The Last Moral War” but there was damn little moral about it. Very bad things happened to millions of people, and the dead were the lucky ones. If you get past the idea some people are Germans, and some people are Japanese, and some people are Jewish and some people are American, and look at the whole thing in the cost of humans, and humanity, it’s even worse. I am not saying there were people we should not blame for what happened, and I am not saying that some people did not suffer more than others, but I am saying as a whole, the human race took a pretty big hit. We really outdid ourselves in trying to kill one another, and in the end, the whole thing is just sad as hell. The United States began the war with just enough stuff to start a decent street fight and ended it with a nuke, just four years later. As far as history goes, that war was a damn monster.
The whole reason I sent the DVDs was my father is really stressed out over his cat, Missy, having cancer, and it’s so peculiar I have no idea how to deal with it. My father has always hated cats, despised them, threw rocks at them if there were in the yard, bought a BB gun to shoot them if they got near his bird feeders, and more or less viewed cats in the same light as Hitler viewed the Jews. Okay, that’s a little severe, but at the same time my father has always hated anything feline with a passion. It took inheriting a cat from a girlfriend who had passed away to get him to live with a cat, and honestly, if you can’t like cats once you’ve lived with one, there is something very wrong with you.
The whole concept of “Dog People” and “Cat People” is a little misleading because I love both of them. I do love dogs more, and if I had to have one or the other I would have dogs, but cats are great people, too. I think some people get cats because they live in small places that wouldn’t be good for dogs, and you have to have room for a dog to run, really run, or you’re asking for trouble with some of them. To put a dog in a box or to chain him to a tree and leave him is paramount to psychological torture of a sentient creature. You are not allowed to have a dog unless he can live like a dog. I’m sorry, but in a world that is righteous, the welfare of a dog outstrips someone wanting one. I am a bit of a dog Nazi, I do realize this.
So my father’s cat died, the one left by the girlfriend, and he was really hit hard by the loss. Against anything I would have bet on, he got another cat, and named her Missy. That was about nine years ago, and we’ve been bombard with cute Missy photos, cute Missy stories, and honestly, she is a great cat. I just didn’t see it coming at all. Well, Missy came down with a tumor, and my father paid a lot of have it removed, and then they discovered it was cancer, and the only hope was radiation treatment, which would cost my father more than a hundred cats. He could have just put Missy to sleep, but no, he shelled out the bucks without blinking an eye and left everyone speechless. My father did right by a cat and I’m still more than a little stunned. Yeah, and I am proud of him for it, because if you’re going to take someone in, even a cat, you go the distance if you take one step. Okay, I’m a bit of a Cat Nazi, too. I just believe in taking care of those you love.
Something in me wants to remind him of the bad things he’s done to cats, and the things he’s said to other people about liking cats, but that is so much like something he would do, so I don’t do it. He has to take Missy for a hour and a half drive to get her to the place that does the treatments, and my sister has gone with him. She says there is something about that cat that just grips my father, even more than the other cat, and I think a lot of it is he’s just now understand who cats are, and he realized they’re more than what he ever thought. This last treatment was the last, and my father tried to talk the vet into giving Missy a bath while she was under, but the vet told my father he could do it when he got her home, and he gave my father a syringe to wake her up once the bath was done, and yeah, I know the vet is supposed to do that, but let’s face it, we’re talking about an old man and his cat, so get over it. My father took Missy home, and sure enough, just as he was getting ready to bath her she woke up, but he managed to bath the cat anyway, which I would have paid really, really, really, good money to see, and better to video it. Apparently, he got out without losing a pint of blood, but I’m betting she won’t forget it, because cats don’t ever forget that sort of thing.

If my father can love a cat, can’t we stop war?

Take Care,


  1. Good question at the end of your post!

    I'm a bit of a cat/dog Nazi too. When I walk my dogs through the neighborhood it just breaks my heart to see any dog chained outside. I get the address off the mailbox, and then send some mailed material about how cruel it is to chain a dog. A good website for that is:

    Occasionally that helps, but most often it doesn't. Very sad. Yesterday on my walk, I noticed a neighbor has a new dog - a gorgeous Boston Terrier. I stopped to talk with the teen girl a moment, and she said they found the dog wandering near a busy highway. It had no tags, but when they got it home, discovered it was very well-trained - even could do tricks. While we were talking, the dog was pushing a basketball around the yard, enjoying it!

    They will run ads to see if they can find the owners - but I bet they won't. I just don't understand someone being cruel enough to simply dump a dog; we have an animal shelter, and two well-organized rescue groups with fostering. That kind of dog would find another home. I think it should be a crime, punishable by either a fine or jail time, if someone drops a dog/cat...and there's a witness.

  2. Cara I think how well we treat dogs now is a good indication of how we will treat people later. If someone will dump a dog then if things get worse they will abuse or dump a child, or a parent that is elderly.

    Cruelty grows like kudzu if the root is allowed to live.