Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Killing bin Laden

The first question that has to be answered is this one; is Osama bin Laden actually dead? I suspect he is. For the United States to conduct a covert military operation inside Pakistan for a ruse or erroneously, is not impossible but this is a career ender for a president who proclaims the death of the world’s most wanted man and is wrong. Added to this is the death of whoever it really was and there might be impeachment proceedings. Is it possible Obama is desperate enough to risk going down in history as the president who claimed to have killed Osama and been totally wrong? I strongly doubt bin Laden is alive.
Is it possible that bin Laden has been dead all along, or at least for a while and the United States intelligence community had knowledge of this and only now revealed it? Again, politics is not a bad answer to any question but again, the possibility of someone having some evidence of the truth would be damaging beyond any repair. I strongly doubt this is a ruse of some sort to cover bin Laden’s death in the past.
This leads us to believe that the story we have been told is at least partially true, in that bin Laden was in that compound, and that was where he was killed by American commandos, and honestly, if the American military knows where you are and they want to dead, the chances of survival are not good at all. But let us examine where he was, and why he was there at all.
Despite the claims of those who clearly do not know anything at all about how life is lived in Pakistan I assure you the compound bin Laden was not such an aberration it would have automatically thrown up enough red flags to be investigated by the local authorities, the military, or Pakistani intelligence community. For those in America who wonder aloud how someone with much money could hide in plain sight that close to so much power ask yourself how many mob bosses, drug dealers, dog fighters and politicians live in America without anyone questioning their wealth or power. Is it therefore possible that bin Laden was hidden in plain sight without the Pakistanis knowledge? Yes, that is possible.
Equally possible is the scenario where the Pakistani government plays a double game of going after terrorists in Afghanistan and in the tribal regions but leaves in peace the urban and urbane operators who can afford to buy the peace in the Pakistani homeland. Look at the drug trade in America as an analogous situation. I suspect deeply if the United States government was serious about stopping the drug trade they could. But they instead spend most of their resources busting users and low level dealers while the people in both the American government and those aboard turn a blind eye to those making the most money. Providing bin Laden with safe haven assures the Pakistani government peace, but it also assure them if they need a quick cash fix, selling bin Laden to the Americans for a billion dollars, especially in an election year, isn’t out of the question. Yes, I do keep repeating that but do not discount that as motivation. Also, do not rule out this as tampering in an American election. The powers-that-be in Pakistan, if they knew where bin Laden was, and had determined he was more of a burden than an asset, might sell him to the American to assure Obama stays in office, rather than risk someone else that might stop the flow of American dollars to that country.
Also, it could very well be we have always known where he was all along. As odd as this sounds, if the intelligence community wanted to spy on the deepest circles of terrorist activity involving bin Laden, how better to do that than to let him live in peace, yet watch him carefully? Anyone having any contact with him could be noted, as well as everyone from Pakistan who entered the compound. The groups associated with the unrest in the Middle East these days have nothing at all to do with bin Laden, as far as we can tell, and it might have been determined he had become irrelevant to the present day struggle in the Middle East. What better time to liquidate a source of information than when it is no longer useful?
The idea that four American helicopters entered Pakistani airspace, landed within sight distance of two Pakistani military regiments, raided a heavily fortified position, dropped commandos, started a firefight, crashed a helicopter, killed a few people, took a dead body with them, and left a large fire behind, isn’t likely at all. Despite the uneducated belief the Pakistani military is a bunch of turban wearing bearded men in pay of the terrorists and not likely to fight, this is a tough professional army that has taken more casualties in the so called War On Terror than we have. I simply cannot believe the same army that crushed the Taliban in the Swat Valley stood with their collective mouths agape at the mighty American military as they swooped in then left again. If these people did not react it is because there were given orders not to react, or more purposely, they were not given order to act. We will hear more about this later, I am sure.
At some point in time, bin Laden had to wonder why we were spending so much time, money, and effort looking for him in Afghanistan. After nearly ten years, we could have found Obama’s birth certificate there, and Jimmy Hoffa, too, if that was what we were looking for. Every news report, every military briefing, every piece of evidence we were allowed to see spoke of “tribal regions” and mountainous terrain” as if we knew, more or less, where the man was, but just could not quite get out hands on him. There he was, we were told, in some cave, laughing at us. Yet after a while that story was beginning to wear thin. Did it finally get to the point where bin Laden might have suspected we knew where he was, or the Pakistanis knew where he was, or everyone knew where he was, and he started making plans to leave? Or could it be he’s not the end all and be all of everything evil, and was just one man on the run who used the political climate to his advantage, and was good at what he did, evil as it was?
I suspect I am wrong, mostly, but I have been paying attention for a lot longer than most, and I distrust any information freely given, but even that is a flaw, a precept for a ruse to burrow into. I do know that evil was not one man and is not contained in one man, and we have not done in one night anything to destroy or undo evil. But we have, I think, given pause to evil and that is not a bad day’s work, and I believe no matter how this plays out, we are safer without this man alive. I also believe that good men wear the uniform we have given them, and in this, we have no yet failed to fight evil, ever it rests its head.

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