Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Georgia Bulldogs: The Decline of a University.

Georgia, despite its pedigree, is a reflection of the present and not the past. A team accustomed to winning more games than it loses, at worst, is now losing more games than it wins, at best. But these are not the best of times for Georgia, or Georgia fans, or Georgia players, or for that matter, anyone remotely connected to the team.
            There is an alcohol problem in Georgia. Their last Athletic Director, a man making a half a million dollars a year, was busted in “The Red Panties Incident” where when pulled over by the cops close to midnight, he was holding in his hands the red panties of the woman he was with, who was not his wife. She was sans undies and belligerent, angrily telling the cops, “Don’t you know who he is? You’re going to get fired for this!”  But that seems to be the attitude of the Georgia football program as a whole. Players get drunk, steal things, break things, get pulled over and arrested and it never seems to stop. Top recruits were busted last year after they were caught stealing from the lockers of players during a tour. What sort of young men are they recruiting? They same sort they seem to have as players, clearly.
            In the last few years Georgia has seemed to be as lost on the field of play as they are off the field was well. They’ve lost their last two season openers badly. They cannot beat the teams they have to beat to remain respectable. They lost to Florida, once again last season, after blowing many chances to win the game. They lost ugly to Arkansas. They lost a game to South Carolina that they didn’t seem to care if they won, lost, or played at all. They look like a team without direction or correction. Last night they were playing catch-up all night long and in the end, seem to settle for just staying close enough not to be totally embarrassed. It’s a team effort towards mediocrity in a forum where second best is little differ than dead last, which by the way, is where this program is headed very fast.
            The Georgia Bulldogs football program is in decline. Morally bereft, physically weak, leaderless and lost, they are a reflection of the school system in general and the football program in particular. There is something far worse in Athens Georgia than a drinking problem. There is something far worst then thuggery and theft. The whole of the school system is beset with apathy and a sense that being good a long time ago is something that is good enough now. In Georgia, the future was many years ago and we can all drink to that.

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