Friday, September 16, 2011

If a woman athlete who had contracted the AIDS virus admitted that she had been with one hundred or two hundred men, they'd call her a slut, and the corporations would drop her like a lead balloon.--- Martina Navratilova
On the outpouring of sympathy for, and near-idolization of, basketball star Magic Johnson after he revealed that he had contracted the AIDS virus after years of extreme heterosexual promiscuity. Retiring from basketball as a result, he won sports commentary assignments and retained his endorsement contracts. Navratilova was surprised at the outraged public reaction to her comment, which was published first in the New York Post. She mused: "I could have said that President Bush is a cross-dresser, and I wouldn't have gotten this much response" A few years earlier, Navratilova had been criticized and dropped by sponsors after admitting that she was a lesbian.

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