Friday, October 14, 2011

The American War

I never thought we would really go to war in Iraq because there wasn’t a reason to go to war in Iraq. Indeed, Bush I thought it was a terrible idea, and as far as ideas go, the man didn’t have that many to ride herd on to begin with. Colin Powell thought it was a bad idea too, and Powell was one of the few people in the Bush II regime who seemed to know what he was doing, or at least seemed to know what he was supposed to be doing. But Bush Ver 2.0, if you remember correctly, began stepping towards that war the day he started looking for help in finding a running mate. He picked Dick Cheney to head the process and Dick Cheney found Dick Cheney. At that time Cheney was vice president of Halliburton, and before it was all over with the war in Iraq was to dump billions and billions of dollars into Halliburton’s coffers.
            It’s difficult to conceive the war in Iraq was a contrived effort to enrich a few people at the expense of nearly bankrupting one country and destroying another. But looting and murder in the name of gold is as old as history itself. It’s difficult to understand how this happened in this day and age until you look back at our recent history and try to figure out why we went to war in Iraq, and realize there wasn’t a reason.
            Let’s look back at a few wars and see what we come up with as far as motivations and such to begin killing other people.
            The war on the native population of the Americas was all about getting their gold and taking it back to Europe and coming over here and taking their land. The war of independence of this country was one began with England trying to recoup its loses in the French and Indian Wars by taxing the colonists who resisting paying by rebelling. The War Of  Northern Aggression was one where the Southern States sought to avoid economic ruin by hanging onto slavery. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was precipitated by our economic sanctions on Japan. Our involvement in Viet Nam was one brought on by first trying to keep France from losing a colony from which they had sought to turn into a giant rubber plantation. The first Gulf War was entirely about who would control the oil resources of Kuwait. Most of this is oversimplification but the truth is wars cost money and they are mostly waged for money.
            The War Of  Northern Aggression is a good example of a monetary based war that was sold hard as something it was not. Rich white land owners convinced poor white Southerners that the Yankees were going to take away their rights if they didn’t leave the union. Of course, poor whites didn’t have many rights to begin with, had very little to gain from the present system. They would have been infinitely better off without five percent of the population holding onto ninety-five percent of the wealth, but Dixie was whistled loud enough and long enough to convince men to march off to war not only to keep other men in chains, but to protect their own poverty. Moreover, they had to supply their own weaponry, were poorly fed, many had no boots, and to be wounded on the field of battle meant being maimed or dying of infection.
            Do not presume to judge these men as ignorant hick-folk tricked into dying for a lost cause until you examine how much of your money, or your blood, was spent in Iraq, for reasons most people cannot express or comprehend. The money we sent over there, are sending over there, and will send over to Iraq isn’t simply disappearing into the sand. Someone is getting this money, and they are getting a lot of this money, they’ve gotten a lot of this money, and you cannot hope to expect they are going to want to stop getting this money anytime soon, regardless of how the taxpayers feel about spending the money.
            The people who orchestrated the second Gulf War lost no power as they gained billions of dollars. The same emotional factors used to fan the flames of war ten years ago still exist. The same voices of discord against reason are still shouting. The same people who make money off of conflict of any sort, be it warfare or the media who will make money off the rumors of war, are still out there waiting for another war to begin. The same people, who used duct tape, talk radio, and scare tactics to convince Americans that there was some sort of threat from Iraq do not want to push themselves away from the trough of taxpayer’s money even at the expense of the lives of American soldiers.
            If it is difficult for you to believe what I am saying I ask only that you review history. The difference here is the country being looted is the invading country by those people inside the invader’s government. Capitalism on meth has produced a system that can steer a country to war not to rape another country but to commit an act of robbery from within. Worse still, American military personnel return from the war to find a veteran’s system nearly broke and almost as useless. The economy dictates there are few jobs for those whose skills have honed in Bagdad and Kabul. We leave behind in those places both ruin and hopelessness.

This is an unprecedented act of immorality, murder, betrayal and treason.

So here we are with yet another American president beating the drums of war with some twisted and convoluted tale of assassination and drug lords. The economy at the brink of collapse, the banking system teetering on failure despite billions of bailout money, and with American troops still fighting two wars that seem not to have any end, and still we are seeking external influences with which to do battle.

We have been down this road before, people, and ever it may bring, whatever we do to stop it will be worth the price we pay.

Take Care,

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