Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bills Come Due! Vick tosses away yet another game.

There is something poisonous about believing your own hype and the Philadelphia Eagles are discovering that the hard way. The so called “Dream Team” replete with high priced free agents and the newly anointed multi millionaire and alleged human being, Mike Vick, the Eagles were supposed to take the NFL by storm this year and win it all.
            But then again, maybe there is something poisonous about letting a dog fighting disease mongering ex-con pot head quarterback your team. Maybe, and this is a stretch considering the moral state of the National Football League, but maybe the other players on the team feel as if they’re a part of something so morally bereft there is some sort of wicked Karma lurking behind each play. The Ghost of Bulldogs Murdered are haunting the Philadelphia Eagles and so far, they are being dogged with a lot of very poor play.
            Mike Vick’s moral and ethical vacuum aside, he has never been a great quarterback for an entire season but he has been a less than average quarterback for a very long stretches, and they are in one of them now. They’ve dropped four games in a row, including a game last week that seemed out of reach by the fourth quarter. Remember last year when they were playing against the Packers and all they needed was one good pass in the end zone to live to play again? That happened again today with Vick tossing one of four interceptions that ended the game for them. If you can make Mike Vick think you can make Mike Vick blink.
            Vick is losing games to sub quality teams. These are not the best the NFL has to throw at him and he has to know that if he cannot win the little games then each game gets bigger and bigger. One interception isn’t a game ender unless you have already thrown three before and have allowed your opponent to run wild. Your opponent’s defense can take more chances when they’re ahead and that makes interceptions more likely. It’s a vicious circle when it comes to underperforming quarterbacks, and Vick has proven he can underachieve with the very worst of them.
            It’s a long row to hoe for a team that had such high expectations.  With eleven games left they have to hope to win most of them, let’s say seven out of eleven, and that will still get them no better than 8-8. That won’t get them into the playoffs, likely, so now every game they play is critical, and every play is crucial. Four losses this early isn’t a death sentence for any team but it’s a hole not easily climbed out of and there is no longer any room for error or emotional outbursts, the likes of which Vick has been infamous for in the past.
            Like Tiger Woods’ mental issues you have to wonder how much of Vick’s woes come from being who he is. Woods’ failures were of a marital sort, and in time he may find some way to forgive himself, and the public may forgive him too.  Yet Vick’s failings are another breed altogether. He has shown himself to be deeply twisted, cruel and inhumane to a point that is unconscionable and unforgiveable. The dog people are out there in the stands barking at him and howling in delight with every mistake, and there has been plenty to howl about lately. With each new failure, Mick Vick has to know time is slipping away from him, and any chance of that he will be remembered for anything other than a dog fighting disease mongering pot head ex con will soon be gone.

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