Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am this morning made entirely of the snark.

I’ve been down and out with what feels a lot like the flu for the last two days.  The fever is there, the coughing is there, I feel weak and generally speaking, I am bitchy. The weakness of the disease is what is really killing me because it is very hard to sit upright and concentrate on anything in this condition. Worse, the mutts sense something is wrong and they give me little peace, as if getting up and going outside to roll around in the dirt with them might make me feel better. It would, I know, but at the same time I barely have enough strength to get up and move around to fix meals and do laundry. Mutt tussling will have to wait until the weekend, I fear.
            The bonfire party Saturday night was what really kicked this thing off. I breathed in far too much smoke for it to be healthy for me and I felt bad all day Sunday. But the fire was good for me, too. It’s been a while since I had a big fire to play with and it did me good to be able to keep it alive and well in front of friends. Fire isn’t something everyone does well, but like driving, most people believe they can do well. Peg is severely OCD when it comes to her yard and she rakes up every leaf and gathers every twig. Yet this all makes for a good fire, and while others bemoaned the lack of real kicking flame, I recognize the nature of the fuel and the nature of the fire. Leaf fires burn hot and burn deep. Where there is smoke there will be fire so that’s where I pile more leaves. By the time it began to cool off, however, the fire was breaking through several points in the pile, as I knew it would, and there was warmth aplenty for everyone sitting around the fire and talking. Leaf fires are interesting because the deep burning coals are made of tiny pieces not chunks like a wood fire. As the fire burns down a bit I dig down and uncover some of those coals and expose them to the cool night air. In the darkness it looks like the lights of a city with a multitude of bright spots of light, or the night sky full of red stars. This is temporary artistry as the coals linger just for a moment then wink out, as if a dark dawn has arrived in the city of red lights.
            Sunday morning the weakness began and I was coughing some. By Sunday afternoon it was clear something was not right. Monday I felt progressively worse, and when I got home I knew that was it for a couple of days.  It was time to dig in, bundle up, medicate, mediate, and just plain feel sick for a while. I went to the store for chicken soup and hot peppers. There is little else on earth that makes flu better than chicken soup and hot peppers. Yet the weirdness began to set in as I became more ill.
            Remember the film, “A Space Odyssey: 2001”? I read the book long before I saw the movie so the movie didn’t make a lot of sense when it got down to it, but it was one of the first screenplays to show futuristic living conditions which I would enjoy when I reached 2001. Unfortunately for us all, it is now 2011 and none of the space travel that was shown is here. Worse yet, and I cannot remember why I don’t remember this of the movie to begin with, “2001” is now some sort of  lengthy foot dragging acid trip triggering slog that ends poorly, not that a lengthy foot dragging acid trip triggering slog could end well, mind you. This is not the movie I remember when I watched it when I was healthy. Being sick changes the way to see a lot of things, hence the condition of the snark.
            The book was much better and the whole concept of the monolith was explained more clearly. The movie doesn’t really address why the monolith is there or what happened with the ape people or the leopard, or why the other monolith is on the moon. The one truly damning part about being a writer is having the sneaking suspicion that you could have written most things better.
            Being sick makes for much more vivid dreams, and considering the amount of over the counter meds I’ve been taking it’s a miracle that 2001 didn’t push me over the edge. You know, now that I think about it, I think I was maybe ten years old when 2001 came on television and it wasn’t that great in black and white. I’m a dinosaur, I realize that, but one day there will be a time when no one can remember video that wasn’t in 3D and then you’ll have the same feeling I get when I talk about black and white. Considering I can’t buy a ticket to fly to the moon yet, I’m not holding my breath for universal 3D quite yet.
            One thing I did do was start playing chess again. The computer is beating me like Amy Winehouse’s ex late night Saturday, but I still remember how to lose well. Playing chess takes my mind off the fact I can’t think straight or clearly and sometimes not at all. Hmmm, you know, it doesn’t do any of that, nevermind. But once upon a time I was a decent chess player and I like playing even when I lose. Today I beat the computer twice in a row so I must be getting better or at least more well than I was. The general state of snark will end, hopefully, tomorrow and I will return to the land of the living. And as always, have a nice day.

Take Care,


  1. Hope the snark and the flu are gone :) And your writing is going well, you're missed on FB :)