Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Cardinal Sin Of Mike Vick

Call me a vulture.  Call me someone who takes pleasure off the misery of others. But call me whenever the Eagles lose, and Mike Vick is standing before a camera trying to explain why his “dream team” is going through another nightmarish loss. I wouldn’t watch Mike Vick play if he were playing against Satan and Hitler with Ted Bundy’s head being used as a football, you know, actually I would watch that, so nevermind. I don’t watch Vick play, and from the way they’ve been losing, no one else is watching him play very much either.
            I told you so. I told you this would be exactly who you would see out of Vick. He’s a great player sometimes and other times he’s really not.  He’s inconsistent and he’s a thug.  He’s an ex con who needs to be back in jail with the rest of his dog fighting ilk. The Eagles got excited as all hell, put a lot of money on a one trick pony and now halfway through the season they’re dangerously close to having a losing season. They are 3-6. They lose three before they win six and they’re under five hundred for the season. I wonder where Vick will spend the off season, but I suspect there will be an implosion.
            You know, I have a theory. It’s a weird little theory, and I’m the only one nurturing it right now, but this baby is gaining weight. I like my theory.  It’s the Mike Firesmith Theory on Mike Vick’s Karma. It goes a lot like this:  There are a lot of people out there who are dog people. There are more dog people than there are football people. There are some football people who love their dogs more than they love football. There are some football players who love their dogs more than they love…Mike Vick. All in all, there is a lot of hate directed at one person and it’s justifiable. There is anger and loathing. There are people, like me, who don’t watch as much football anymore but cheer whenever the news comes that Vick has once again led his team to defeat. And it’s not just defeat, it’s late game implosion defeats.
But the Arizona Cardinals were supposed to be an easy game. They aren’t that good at all. They’ve only won three games all year and this was going to be one of those let’s-see-what-Vick-can-do games where he lights up the scoreboard and impresses. Instead we once again see Mike Vick throwing the ball away at the end of the game, to end the game. Gee, it’s déjà vu all over again.
            Is this karma? Is this the result of Mutt Nation’s cumulative hate focused on one person each Sunday for two hours finally wearing Vick down spiritually?  Listen to the crowd when they show the highlights of the lowlife; you hear barking, howling, and you hear hatred. Millions of dog lovers are parked on their sofas just waiting for that hit to take Vick’s knees out. We’ve already take out his ability to win, except against the Cowboys last week, and dog knows there are enough people out there who hate  Jerry Jones’ hair. No, wait, nevermind, I’m thinking of their ex-coach. Anyway, I think we have gotten into Vick’s head now, and I think we’ve gotten into his team mate’s heads, and I think we aren’t done, oh my gracious no we are not.
            I don’t have some weird double standard. The day the story broke about Joe Paterno I was one of the first people to say he ought to be fired. Fire Joe Pa was what I wrote on Monday when he admitted he could have and should have done more to stop a pedophile. Moreover, I don’t think pedophiles, serial killers, the people who talk during movies, or dog fighters can be reformed or rehabilitated. That’s why I have no problem wishing bad things on these people. If someone took out Vick’s knees tomorrow morning I wouldn’t miss a moment of sleep, were it possible for me to sleep, over it.
            We don’t owe Vick, or Paterno, or any of these people an apology for going after them and hoping bad things happen to them. They owe us a higher standard for the power they have been give over people’s lives and they failed. They used their power to harm the innocent. They used their power to try to hide their crimes. And in the end, and most certainly that will come soon for a loser like Vick, no matter if we do feel some sense of happiness for his pain, we’ll still hold the higher moral ground.

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