Sunday, November 27, 2011

Norv, Vick, and Tebow

The National Football league is a strange place full of strange people and I’m not going to get started on the fans. There are NFL fans who make the Waffen SS look like wishy washy trembling wimps unable to dedicate for a cause. Were these people that fanatical about educating children in America we could have a man on Mars, hell, a University on Mars, before the next preseason started. But there is something about a distraction that features millionaires playing a kid’s game for billionaires, and the attraction is sometime that of a slow train wreck.
            So anyway, back in 2007, I opened up a can of beer and sat down to rant a little about Marty Schottenheimer, who was one of my all time favorite coaches getting sacked and replaced with Norv Turner, who  is loathsome.

Anyway, here’s the rant and by the way, I did my homework, the numbers are there. What’s a Norv?

And wouldn’t you know it? Just a short year later Mike Vick gets caught dog fighting and has to go directly to jail.

Want to see me tie the two together right quick like?

Norv’s team, the Chargers, after dropping a game to Tebow, as now  4-7. The Eagles, having run into that same Patriots team what can spit you up and chew you out, are also 4-7.

Tebow, having dropped the Charges to a position to be eliminated from the playoffs if a coin toss goes wrong, has won five games in a row. Mike Vick has won only three games all season long, the last Eagles win coming from a second stringer.

Tebow has won more games than Vick or Norv.

You have no idea how hysterically funny that is to me.

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