Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Occupy Your Thin Blue Line

What needs to happen, what should have already happened by now, and what has to happen if we don’t want things to start slipping out of control, is the local police departments who have to face down the Occupy Protesters are going to have to start doing a little soul searching.  This is a point of law and order, not how much it’s costing.  We here in America have a constitution which guarantees citizens the right to freely assemble. The right to protest peacefully shall be protected because if it is not then there will not be any more peaceful protests.  If you think we’re a world away from Syria and Egypt just remember this time last year so were they.
            I am a really big fan of the Constitution.  I am a big fan of local law enforcement personnel and it grips my ass that some moron like John Pike is being presented as the poster child of police right now, and that is just plain wrong. Pike is an aberration. Pike is something that never should have happened, but he did. Pike is going to lose his job and he clearly had already lost his mind, but that doesn’t represent your basic local policeman who by now is just about fed up with all of this, I’m betting. But the cops have got to, got to, understand which side of the line they stand. These are peaceful people exercising their right to protest a world in which if things continue on the way they are, the cops are going to have a whole lot more trouble than campers chanting about the 99%.
            As the economy worsens, the same people who broke it got the taxpayers to bail them out, and they did this by buying congressmen.  The congressmen got some of the money they were handing out but Wall Street screwed Main Street and as far as I can tell, the government that we’re paying to represent us is actually fronting for the people who they gave our money to in the first place. Now that all of the money is gone we’re supposed to start slashing services of all kinds, totally gutting the education system to fix it ,which yes, I do understand I have been advocating just that, but not as a last ditch desperation measure to save money.
            Meanwhile, BP who spilled a bunch of oil certainly, made record multibillion dollar profits and scolded the press about reporting the oil companies get five billion dollars worth of tax credits each year. General Electric paid no taxes one year.  If you have enough money to get the tax laws changed in your favor you have it made. Otherwise you’re footing the bill, and that my friends, is what Occupy is all about, as far as I can tell.
            So the cops face a very interesting problem. The next generation of Americans will be less educated, less well cared for, less healthy, poorer, live in worse environmental conditions, and have fewer intellectual resources from which to offer their children to rise above the present situation. The cops can become the SA of the people who caused the problems we now face, or they cops can just kick back and let the constitutional rights of free assembly begin to worry those in power to the point they release the John Pikes. If you think this is all very much impossible I suggest you ask the former leaders of both Egypt and Libya what they think of suppressing peaceful protestors by force. At least one of those conversations is going to require a Ouija Board or some asbestos covered microphones.
 In my lifetime, local law enforcement has always proven themselves to be protectors of the law and the very heart and soul of everything the Constitution stands far. Now, in this time of need, they can rise to be who we really need for them to be, yet again.

Take Much Care,


  1. Spot on. There have always been a few bad cops just as there's always been a few bad protesters. Publicizing both has always sold newspapers... I know, quaint term.

    What worries me is dressing the cops like Darth Vader, instead of brass buttoned blue. Adding SWAT training, courtesy of Homeland Security, is giving them that war face, jack boot, mentality.

    They swap, "Protect & Serve" for 'crush resistance'.

  2. I am hoping that Pike is an aberration, Bruce. After thousands of hours of protests Pike is the only cops whose name we know. The rest, doing their jobs, remain unknown. But as tensions mount you may indeed be proved correct.

    "crush resistance", however, isn't going to be easy, or clean, or pretty.

  3. There was Mr. Bologna, the white-shirt that sprayed the girls in the face with pepper spray after they had corralled them for.. doing nothing other than shouting.

  4. Also, where have you been advocating gutting the education system? I'm confused.

  5. Public education is, and has been broken for quite some time, I've been shouting at the rain for a while now, and suddenly the repubs are all behind what I've been saying but for all the wrong reasons.

    Time to bail.

  6. OH. OK, that makes total sense. I have actually been working on research for a presentation to give to my PTSA next year. I have at least five other girlfriends with kids that are totally in on this with me. The plan is to start a grass roots campaign and I've decided that will be _MY_ contribution to bringing our country back to greatness.

    I can't be out in the streets, but I intend to fight for my kids' future.

  7. I have always wanted to live in interesting times, Lady, and I have discovered getting what I want is much worse than not getting it.