Sunday, November 13, 2011

Within a Dream

I dreamed that I woke up, but I knew I had not awoken from the dream, but I had awoken from dreaming inside of the dream I was having. I was in a work truck, riding in the front seat and there were three other men with me. I was gasping for breath because as I awoke from the dream within the dream, I did not awaken from the dream, and that threw my body out of balance. I knew I was dreaming, but I also knew to reset my body properly, I had to stay in the dream until I caught my breath. The people with me; I knew there were from my distant past. I have not seen any of the three in over a decade. We were traveling down the road between Statenville and Valdosta but I knew we were traveling in the past.  The woods were rich and green with Oaks and hardwoods and there were many streams flowing wildly with small waterfalls and beaver dams. But I couldn’t breathe, and somehow, I knew if I woke up, I wouldn’t be able to breathe there either.
            Men will ignore injury or illness to the point of someone being seriously hurt or sick. We’re like that. Get used to it. In the dream no one noticed my choking or they pretended not to. We arrived at a store where there was another one of the men from work, but he is from the present. He was surrounded by a group of men, who didn’t like him, and one of them spit tobacco juice on him and some of it hit me. We went outside of the store and suddenly the men were not as aggressive and we were allowed to leave. There was a song being song by one of the men and it went like this, “West! Westward! Westward to my home! Westward! Westward I’ll never be alone!” I thought that an odd song for someone in The South to sing.
            We went to a small town but it had a street car system, and graffiti had been painted on every car, some of it very artistic. I was driving, the other men were not there anymore, and I pulled into the parking lot of a building where I work now, but there was someone living there. The woman who was living there is a woman I know from work in another area, and she was having a party of some sort, but had locked up the part of the house where the front door is, so we could not leave that way. There were a group of people marching in a circle in the front yard and I asked her why those people were there and she told me there were Christian protesters who were angry about the party.  I remember one of them was chanting, “We have received the spirit of Jesus Christ!” over and over again. The protesters were wearing long robes and sandals and all were carrying signs.
            I knew I was still dreaming, and now I knew I had to wake up but couldn’t. I was drinking in the dream and a young woman asked me if I had too much to drink and I told her I thought so, and then her head disappeared. She was still speaking, and the words made sense, but her head was gone. That happened to someone else who walked in the room and I knew I had to get out of there. I tried getting out of the front door but it was locked, and there was a couple having sex in the hallway. My hostess came to me and asked me to stay because my behavior certainly indicated I couldn’t drive. I told her I had to leave because I was hallucinating and she told me that was why I could not leave. She was with someone who wasn’t her husband that I know in real life, but a stranger. I thought this odd and she told me that was why the protesters were really there, because the man she was with was black. I managed to leave the house but discovered it wasn’t a house anymore but a hotel, and there was a large group of people having a party on the beach.
            The full moon was rising and I was trying to get a good shot at it. A man was juggling Indian clubs and one of the photos I took was a perfect picture of the man’s clubs in midair, right below the full moon juts rising above the horizon. I moved through the crowd trying to get a better shot and got one of a seagull in flight right in front of the moon. The crowd was cheering for some reason and I took pictures of the crowd and faces in the dark illuminated by torchlight and the moon. It was eerie.
            The crowd got louder and louder and some of them were jumping into the water and swimming, even though there were people screaming, “Shark!” and I wondered if there were sharks out there with all this noise, or if the noise might attract them. The wind began to blow very hard, and someone shouted something about the moon, and I looked up to find the wind was pushing it hard across the sky. It was going so fast I couldn’t get a clear shot at it with the camera, and I nearly fell over backwards. The sand was moving. The wind was blowing harder and harder and the people cheered each event. The sea suddenly lit up, as if the sun was at high noon, but the beach and the sky were still dark. I wanted to get a photo of the moon setting into the sea but as I approached the beach something incredibly large and dark came directly towards me, but it was under the water so I could not see it. I felt down and it pushed me and then it pushed again.

I woke up to find Bert poking me with his nose, trying to wake me up. Sam and Lucas were standing with him, tails high, ears up and I knew I had made some sort of weird noise in my sleep.

Take Care,

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