Friday, December 30, 2011

Little Hitlers Cause No Wars

Adolf Hitler was fascinated with the idea of “The Law of the Jungle” where only the strongest survive, and they preyed on the weak. This belief held all the way down to the end, with Germany in ruins, and Hitler stating that the Germans had brought this all on themselves by putting him in power.  Hitler surmised that if Germany did not win the war then they deserved total annihilation, and this is what his beliefs led to for one nation and for about sixty million people worldwide when the war ground to a halt. Hitler’s thousand year Reich last less than a decade. The same people he had labeled as subhuman would occupy his former capital.  Those who had most fervently followed him to ruin also followed him to death via suicide.

We look back in hindsight with no small amount of revulsion at this man and his followers as symbols of the ultimate in evil. It isn’t hard to do. In fact, it is quite easy to make a case for Hitler and Nazism to be held up as an example of a time in history where one man’s idea grew to a terrible and incredible wickedness. The argument against Hitler being the ultimate in all things created evil is usually made by those who still see salvation in the twisted cross of the swastika. History will be unkind to them as well, for they seem to be little more than disenchanted societal dropouts looking for a scapegoat for, or a Hero to, their inabilities.  In Hitler they find shock value, and rightfully so, but I suspect that is all they will find, and I suspect it is all they truly have.

Yet here we are, seventy years later, and even though we give great lip service to how Nazism could not rise again, certainly not here in America, and certainly not in this modern day and age, the evidence of some of Hitler’s teachings are not spoke aloud or preached, but they are instead practiced silently.  Hitler’s beliefs are not institutionalized not by the government but are instead dictated to us by economics and poverty. We will not condemn the Jews to ghettos because of their religion but we will condemn children to live in ghettos because their parents are poor.
While no one is being taken by rail to the showers the end results is there are people who are being killed simply because of who and what they are. The volume of death is not the same but this lessens the evil by degree, not actuality.

Think about it like this; the German people were told that a group of people called “Jews” were such terrible people they deserved to be treated as if they were less than human. Laws were enacted to ensure they were a criminal class of people, and they could not under any circumstance rise above this. Their children were to be Jews, and they were to live only with Jews, never to mix with those of the pure of blood.

Now think about how you would feel if someone moved in next door to you and they were instead of Jewish, a prostitute. Now, before you get all weird on me, I am not equating a religion with prostitution, and for those of you out there who are insulted by this anyway, allow me to apologize for insulting the prostitutes. At least their trade is a product of necessity, but religion is a choice and I assure you, there are more reformed prostitutes than religious zealots. But back to the street walker who lives next door to you now.  Maybe you rather call her a “Hooker” which is a term used to describe those women who followed General Hooker’s camp in the War Of Northern Aggression. You will not, in point of fact, find a reference that describes the men who kept them in business from that point in history, or for that matter, many others. The men who have kept flesh sellers on their backs for centuries have mostly gone unnoticed, even though they are responsible for half of the equation and all of the money.

Ah, but suddenly, if you’re living next door to this woman of the evening, the men who come for service might not be the type you want standing around your front yard smoking cigarettes. Yet, generally speaking, men who get busted for using whores are not nearly as prosecuted, or persecuted, as those women on the receiving end of their desires, no pun intended.

So Hitler, truly and terribly demented, and homicidal, decided to go after the Jews, as well as any other group of people considered to be an underclass, and the people of Germany jumped on the bandwagon, and you, yes, you who are all shocked and shaken by the presence of the doxie next door, you would not dream of putting up with something like that, would you?

Strip away the labels we put on people are just toss them together as a function of consequence and what have you? Your top serial killers and Adolf Hitler have something in common; both classes of lunatic went after victims they knew, truly knew, were the most defenseless socially. Both classes of lunatic used not just murder, but savage, soulless, and brutal murder to mark their prey as less than human. Both could not be sated but continued to kill even as murder became what undid them.

Look at how many terms for these women I was able to recall from memory while writing this. Look at how many of those terms didn’t really shock you, or outrage you, or cause you to blink an eye. How do you feel about these women? How concerned are you about those killed by some serial killer on Long Island? Because they are just minor Hitlers, not killing millions and after all, are only killing whores, it’s not nearly as bad as going after a religion, is it?

Is it?

Then why haven’t we fought a war to stop it?

Take Care,


  1. Your example would probably fit better with the Gypsys, retarded, and queers. I’ve read Hitler added the Jews to his list of undesirables, because of their disproportionate business wealth could be seized to fund Germany’s “recovery”.

    While I agree the enforcement of “community standards” by code, is bullshit, it’s easy to see why people are convinced to go along, and it’s not all religion.
    Look what Howard Stern and Reality TV have done to the broadcast industry. They’re almost as bad as TV Evangelists.

  2. I think in some ways they are worse as they lower the level of civility in the name of ratings. But I used the Jews in this case because that is still a very sensitive issue with many people, Bruce and few care about the Gypsies.

  3. All acts of cruelty should be an issue with everybody, not just many people.