Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act

The proponents of the Second Amendment are some of the most rabid activists operating within the law, at least in the United States. Their train of thought runs along a single track, straight and true, and there isn’t much chance of derailment of that locomotive or loco motive anytime soon. They believe the government cannot be trusted and armed voters are more powerful than unarmed voters. They think if the government can take the guns then the government can take the rest of the Constitution as well. I think some of these people are more than a little crazy. But the crazy people with the guns do not frighten me nearly as much as the people who truly think we would be better off if citizens had no guns. I like being armed. And like the rest of the people with guns who aren’t about to turn them in, I do not trust a government who fears an armed populace.

You may wonder, or at least you should wonder, why all of a sudden we have a plethora of bills in Congress that would turn control over the Internet over to a group of people whose approval rating is just somewhat lower than Fidel Castro’s in Miami. The Stop Online Piracy Act in the House and the Protect IP Act in the Senate are ostensibly being crested to protect copyrighted material from being illegally shared. However, if these bills become law, the federal government, the same people who have an approval rating just a bit higher than leprous strippers,  would be able to shut down any and all internet sites at will.

If you think this is the same paranoia that we gun people have when someone sponsors a bill that would track gun owners in the same manner that sexual predators are tracked, think about how much power and influence the internet in general, and some sites in particular, had in the “Arab Spring” where decades old regimes fell in turn, and even those backed by billions and billions of US dollars were no match for cell phone videos posted on You Tube and real time information posted on Twitter.

When dealing with the American Congress you can always count on greed being a prime motivating factor. Fear runs a close second. The idea, the fear, that the American people might rise up and take away the power from those in Washington is the driving force behind these bills. This is nothing less than a preemptive strike to stop an American Spring. The people with the money want to keep the money, and to keep the money they have to own the federal government, and they do.

If you want to know who is in pay of the people really running the show you have only to look at who is getting the money to run for office. You cannot tell me that a man who stands to make four hundred thousand dollars a year isn’t beholding to someone out there when he spends tens of millions of dollars to become president.  Members of Congress make a lot less yet in national campaigns they spend enough money to cure poverty one hundred times over.

Now these same people, the people who clearly give a damn less about what the American people want, are on a power grab to gain control over the one medium we could possibly use to reach out to likeminded people and take this nation back from those who have bought it.

These acts will pass and if they do not pass then some other version of them will pass, and failing that, we will wake up one day and discover some amendment has been added to some existing law and no one told us that the freedoms we once enjoyed were out sourced to the rich and powerful, so they might better take care of them in the splendor such rights were meant to be enjoyed.

It is much later than you think. The time between being able to do something about this without violence and the time when the shooting begins is about the same time between the first protest in Egypt and the time when the first unarmed protestor was gunned down in public. The difference is the video of that event was broadcast worldwide. We will fight alone, in the dark, and the only scenes of the carnage will be those the government allows, protects, and broadcasts for their own purposes.

When the screens go black we will be isolated, cut off from the rest of the world, and no one will ever know what happened.  Those crazy gun people are about to be the only standing between us and 1984. You need to decide today what direction this thing takes, and you best be getting the message out now while you still can.

Exercising freedom is a lot easier than dying to get it back.

Take Action,


  1. Beautiful. May I link on LJ?

  2. C'mon, you mean to tell me those congress critters aren't spending millions to get elected just for the honor of serving me?

    Local CBS TV news explaining SOPA said, if someone posts copyrighted material the government will be able to go to court to have the website shut down. I'm really curious if they are stupid or deliberately spreading misinformation

    The revolution will not be televised... or tweeted, or facebooked.

    1. This is the biggest power grab since the Patriot Act, Bruce.

  3. Mike, what do you think will happen to the politicians that wouldn't stay bought? Will they be rebought to stay for the next try, or be replaced with new shills?
    I'm assuming here, the voters are out of the equation as usual, because they only vote with one or two issues in mind and this wouldn't be one of them.

    1. "Either way, patriot or treason, it's going to be one long hard ride"

      I don't think the individual politicians are going to matter much once the mobs start forming. The true leaders will begin to emerge, the unbuyables. What we have now, even if they turn on their masters, we could not trust them.