Thursday, March 1, 2012

Obama Birth Certificate Maybe Forged, Loch Ness Monsters says

Gotta Love The Birthers

 Ever get the feeling there are people out there with too much time on their hands?


  1. Well, especially this jerk (Sheriff Joe Arpaio) he's a 79 yr old idiot with a badge who's a racist and doesn't mind being compared to the KKK:

  2. If you repeat a lie, often enough, and loud enough, you'll develop a following. Say something bad about someone they hate for reasons they'd rather not voice, and they'll latch on like it's mama's nipple.

  3. To know that such a conspiracy theorist (an elected one yet)is responsible for the public safety makes me cringe. Funny how some people keep trying to hit the snooze button on their 15 minutes of fame.

    1. To play a discredited and ultimately dead end theory for points is a statement in itself. For there to be enough people listening to make it worthwhile is something I cannot comprehend. That it continues to work is scary.