Sunday, April 1, 2012

Five Years Ago Today Wrote About This Dream.

It was a strange dream, even as my dreams go. It was one of those third person dreams, where I was watching the people in the dream, as if it were a movie, but I could feel what the people in the dream were feeling, and I could hear their thoughts. It felt old, this time of the dream, as if what I was seeing and feeling had happened many centuries ago.

How does old feel? I cannot tell you. I have no idea what I am saying when I tell you that I think the dream’s setting was some part of history that ended long before history even began. It felt almost alien in its ancientness. It is possible that before the human history there was another dawning of our kind?  Convergent evolution happens all around us, where different species take very similar paths. Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish all have very similar brain structures, they all have two eyes, most are quadrupeds, and all have DNA. If a species evolved on a planet, and then all life was wiped out on that planet, would it be impossible for that species to reemerge through evolution?

There were things that had happened that were not in the dream. There was a young man who had been killed, his mother and younger son was all that was left of the family. The younger son wanted revenge, but he was not totally sure who the murderer, or murderers, were. He suspected a wealthy landowner, and he, by right, could seek justice, but his mother had pleaded with him not to do so. I had no idea how I knew all of this I have just mentioned to you. These were things that I knew, and I knew when the boy was walking through an open area, with green trees, grass, and an odd sky, that he was walking to his death, and I knew that he knew it too.

The boy was maybe ten or eleven, and he carried with him the massive decapitated head of a bull, with fresh blood still dripping from the neck. The head was so large he had problems carrying it, but he kept moving forward. His clothing was shabby, but brightly colored. He wore a hat with a brim on it, and had it pulled down low as he walked. The group of men on horseback charged towards him. I could feel their anger towards him, and more than a little fear. I knew they had killed the brother, and I knew they would kill the boy, too. The first three riders just missed trampling the boy, but the fourth rider swung down with a metal weapon and sunk the blade deep into the boy’s back. The weapon looked like a sharp hammer on the end of a long stick, and the man removed the blade with a jerk, tearing the boy open. The swung around and left the dead boy in the dust.

As the sound of the men’s horses faded, the dead boy staggered to his feet and picked up the bull’s head. “I know who killed my brother now,” the boy said, and with that he put the bull’s head upon his own shoulders. He saw through the dead bull’s eyes, and his breath came out of the dead bull’s nostrils with a snorting sound. Quickly, he began to run after the men who had killed his brother, and had killed him too.

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