Monday, May 28, 2012

Why I Am A Hermit


  1. 'Nuff said Mike, makes me want to live way out on the edge of the Swamp.

    1. Is this not one of the most creepy things ever?

    2. Yeah, it really freaked me out. We got into watching The Walking Dead on AMC this past year and it kinda spooks me sometimes, but still you know it's just a TV show.

      The actual act of cannibalism is something so entirely foreign and inhuman that I can't even imagine it. I can't imagine getting to the point where I would completely lose control of my faculties so much so that I became inhuman. As horrible as we can be (humans), this is incomprehensible to me....

    3. Someone suggested rabies, and I had not thought of that, honestly.

      But I think he's just plain nuts.